13 Nov 2008


Katie came home


The camera didn't


She had it on the bus


She didn't have it when she arrived home


She was mortified


She cried

Liberty pincushion with needles

I comforted.

vintage dolly in one of my old dresses

I'm sure one of the teachers will have it, won't they.

vintage sewing book

It's lovely to have her home.

Tomorrow is the 14th again.

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  1. Better to have Kate home without the camera than the camera without Kate.

    Still I hope it turns up.

    cheers Kate

  2. Oh dear. You are the good mother to comfort her so.
    Yes, I do the 14th again.

  3. I'm sorry. I'm smiling. Sounds like our house. I hope the teachers find the camera. I would be bereft. I can't believe it's almost the 14th. I have an interesting day planned for that day because I'm taking a group of 8th graders out to explore a cemetery for a research project. I'll post.

  4. Oh, my...I do hope someone turned it in! Well...we lost two cameras in a day once. Not fun, but my daughter made a strap for hers so now she can always wear it around her neck when out and about. So glad Kate is safely home. Dear thing, she must feel terrible. Give each other a hug - from me. :o)

  5. Glad Kate is home safe and sound...hopefully the camera will be along shortly.

    keep your chin up Kate!

  6. Cameras have a way of finding their way home too.

    I will join in the Day in My Life project.


  7. Hello Jenny
    I'll be in again tomorrow - if I sort things out here first lol
    Bad luck about the camera - I'm sure someone will have found it,
    apart from that I hope she had a good time
    Take care

  8. Love your post Jenny. So many memories brought back to me, especially with the knitting patterns and the Rolf Vos poster. My hair was cut exactly like the two young girls!(I hated it) and I remember Rolf Vos opening. On Dear!
    Good luck with your camera turning up and I hope the market is a success for everyone involved.


  9. I am in for the day in my life. Hope your camera shows up again.


  10. please count me in again for Friday


    It'll be my birthday! :-)


  11. I would love to part of ADIML again.

  12. Oh, I would have cried too - poor Kate. I'm sure it will turn up.

    I'm in for tomorrow again.

  13. Yes please to the 14th. And I do hope the camera turns up again.

  14. Poor Kate must feel terrible to have lost her mother's camera. I am sure that she will return from school tomorrow with it safely in her hands.

    I would love to join tomorrow

  15. Well I take my hat off to you Jenny for reacting so kindly to poor Kate. I'm not sure my initial reaction would have been so comforting! I'm sure it will turn up safe and sound. :)

  16. Oh dear,I hope mislaying the camera didn't spoil the trip for Kate. If it was on the bus I'm sure it will turn up.

    I'd like to join in again this month.

  17. I'll be joining in again. I've put my camera in front of the computer to help me remember.


  18. Hi
    Sorry to hear about the camera, I bet you are both sad.
    But a thing can be replaced & I hope it can be quickly for you - or better still it is located & Kate gets to keep all her photos she took.

    WOW 14th tomorrow again. I will journal our day.

    Love Leanne

  19. Oh dear,I am sure your right someone will hand it in. So nice to have her home I'm sure. Julie.C

  20. Poor Katie - it's such a terrible feeling! Hope it turns up but after all (I guess) it's only a camera and she'll have the memories...

  21. Hi, hope the camera turns up - Im sure it will!
    Id like to do the 14th for the first time.
    Also, for anyone interested, Ive got photos of Tilda's arrival over on the blog. She's finding it a little hot in Melbourne today, but she's coping :)

  22. Hello Jenny,
    I shall write about my 14th too.

  23. Good evening Jenny,
    Hope your camera turns up. An upsetting experience for Kate as she would know how much you rely on your camera.
    Wishing you a happy & successful time at the market. There is something about a good craft market...maybe it is the creative vibes one can feel. They always make me want to go home and start sewing.

  24. Poor Kate, I can imagine her horror. I'm hoping with you the teacher has it.
    I'll be joining "Day in my Life" again tomorrow too!


  25. NO WAY! It can't be the 14th again already! OK, I guess it can. I'll join in again.

    I love those vintage knitting patterns!

  26. I'd love to join in and post my 14th day journal.

    I read your blog pretty faithfully, but rarely ever comment. Guess I should speak up, but often I'm at a loss for words.

    Poor Kate -- I know how awful it feels to lose something important, but I'm glad she is home safe and sound.

  27. I am in for the 14th. Poor Kate, it will turn up. They usually check those buses and have the lost and found items.

  28. poor kate but lovely to have her home! my prairie comes home tonight after a week at camp. it has been a funny week - this big gap for us all but for me the most. i can't wait to go and pick her up - she didn't want to go and cried at the bus. thank goodness that is behind us and we have the homecoming to look forward to!

  29. I'm in - and will try to actually get a post done! So sorry about your camera - poor KAtie!

  30. I'm in - if I can go on-line, there have been problems lately.

  31. Oh no... poor Kate!!! The odds of the camera turning up again are pretty high. I'm a teacher and the bus drivers are great at collecting items left on buses- they expect it! I would love to do the 14th- do I just post on my blog?

  32. I had to smile big and nod at Kate's note. Yes, "better to have Kate home without the camera than the camera without Kate", and Jan's, "you *are* a good mother to comfort her so". Hug her for me, too, will you. I'm praying. Another lovely post sweet friend. I hope your time at the market goes great. I'm sure it will. I'll be thinking of you. Love you little jenny wren. xo Jewels

  33. Welcome home, Kate! I'll be hoping along with you that the camera turns up - it always feels awful to lose something, doesn't it. Anyone can tell from your mom's post, though, that she's just so happy that you're home, and the camera is way far behind you in importance!

    Dear Jenny, I'll be participating on Friday.

    ~ Carole

  34. I'm in for the 14th.
    has the camera turned up yet?

  35. If it is not too late, I would like to do a post too.

  36. Just wanted to let you know that I so enjoy your blog,that I decided to particiapte in A Day In My Life - fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing

  37. I posted! Bringing up the rear... You all are always so far ahead of me ;-)


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