10 Nov 2008


Kate has been busy with my camera, practicing for her school camp.
She took some happy snaps of the garden and Shackleton mixed in with my pictures then uploaded them and stored the camera safely away in her backpack.
She's taking my camera away to camp!!!!
I hope it comes back in one piece.
It isn't an expensive camera but I would be lost without it.
will be lost without it for the next three days anyway.
No new dolls can go in the shop, no new photos for the blog, I do have a few saved to use when a certain doll reaches its destination.

I really miss Kate when she goes away.
We talk a lot.
I talk with my boys too but somehow it's different with Kate.
And sharing with her as she matures and grows into a young lady is such a wonderful gift.
I relive my own journey and marvel at how far I have come and at what she has ahead of her.
I know how lucky I am to have a daughter, our much longed for third child has been such a blessing to us all with the extra unexpected blessing of being a daughter to compliment our two sons.


I spent much of yesterday making her some new pyjamas to take away on camp.
Beautifully light fabric, a pretty cotton voile found on the throw out table.
So fine that she will hardly know she is wearing them .
Lots of happy bright and soft colours.


She looks so cute in them.
I actually got the pattern directly from the US, I was buying another pattern any way and the deal was that the first pattern was free, it was the more expensive one, postage only and then I also bought Kate's pattern.
The two patterns plus the postage was cheaper than buying the patterns here and they were delivered to my door 8 days later.
Mind you it would have been a better deal if the Aussie dollar was stronger.

after the mountain run

So Stephen and Louis went up a mountain and came down again and again and again and lived to tell the tale.
It was muddy and rocky but the day was clear and they seem none the worse for spending around four hours dashing and stumbling along rough mountain tracks.

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  1. I laughed when I saw the legs. At surf club training last night a parent turned up with legs looking just like that, he too had spent 3 or so hours running across some mountain tops. Look likes they are the trophy for competing.

    cheers Kate

    ps hope your kate enjoys her camp.

  2. Daughters are your best friend, and I remember when my Joanne left to go to University and lived there that was quite a change for both of us and I missed her allot. You did well being able to take a photo of his legs, my partner won't let me near him with a camera since I started blogging. Julie.C

  3. I've not sewn clothes since I was at school but I'd like to try making some PJs for my daughter. I have an old sheet to practice with in case they don't turn out quite right!

  4. Those are some dirty legs!! Bet they had fun though!
    Girls certainly are an absolute blessing. I pinch myself on a daily basis that I have three daughters. Kate will return with some wonderful memories and tales to tell. And pictures!!
    Love the new pj's. Lucky girl!

  5. Could you tell us something about your camera? OK, we know that it's you the "soul" of your photos, but a good camera helps. For instance, how many pixel has it?
    ciao! antonella
    P.S.: I bought yesterday an Andrea Bocelli's CD as Christmas present for my cousin, you have one of his songs ON in your blog and it's very nice indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That is a truly beautiful picture of the flowers. I saw it yesterday but had to pop back and see it again; just beautiful.


  7. Loved your tender thoughts about your sweet Kate. How blessed you *both* are, to each have the other. Do give her a big gentle hug for me and tell her hello, and that I hope she has a great time while away at camp. I'll try to come by and bolster you up while she's gone, old girl ;o) You know, I was thinking about you this morning, before I came by for a visit and my thoughts were traveling along the lines of... how sad I'd be if you didn't blog as often as you do....or (this *horrible* thought actually passed through my mind, and I shudder to even recall it to write about it)what you if (biting of lip, creased forehead, squinty eyes and scrunched-up nose...kind of like the stinky smell look youknowwhatimean?? :o) ever *stopped* blogging. But, then I comforted myself with the sure knowledge that you would *never* do such a thing. You wouldn't even *think* of it. You wouldn't ever *would you* JAM?? No, I didn't think so. Well, anyways, whewww, I did just want to take a little moment to *say* I'm so glad you *do* (share your life and your heart and your home and goodies to eat and nice hot drinks....and your sweet dolls) and equally glad that you won't (*ever stop* sharing, or only share once in a blue moon :o)You're the berries. And, we're wrapped up in the very same PJs (Simple and quick and oh so nice. Very pretty, too, don't you think :o). Well, ours our nightgowns with snugglie, bugglie bloomers....so I guess Katie's are the reverse...the PJs :o) So glad you found a pattern. They're adorable. Sending much love. xo Your old friend, the greying-haired granny, Jewels

    ((ljw)) and ((Katie)) too.

  8. I'm seconding all that Jewels just said.

    cheers kate


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