29 Nov 2008


I am being kept very busy in my little Christmas workshop making custom dolls.

Every now and then I play hookey to put the finishing touches to small pixies and glamorous mermaids and to supervise young girls making fudge and shortbread to sell at their streetside stall tomorrow.

We have had more rain than we need , the weather has returned to coldish.
There is a hearty beef stew slowly cooking in the oven and the house has been spruced up.

Is it true that tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent or do I have it wrong again?

Mermaids and pixies should be in the shop late-ish tomorrow.


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  1. Yes Jenny, the first Sunday of Advent is indeed tomorrow. I really must get onto some Christmas sewing for little nieces and finding gifts for my own children!

    Time to dig out the Christmas Carols CD and find the decorations, isn't it?!

  2. I've been assuming it's the first Sunday in Advent tomorrow for over a week now and planning accordingly...but now I'm beginning to doubt myself. I'll know for sure tomorrow because of all the candle lighting, purple banners and collects...not to mention Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel...Actually, it better be advent as I've got all the kit together to make a wreath!

  3. Yes! It is the first sunday of advent. I am so excited!

  4. So glad to see that all is moving along there...that last post had me a bit worried...
    The *peek* of the mermaid looks beautiful! ♥

  5. Love your home and craft inspiration !!! Looking at you having your Christmas meal in the garden made me chuckle, we're in the middle of a real Sherlock Holmes pea souper in the North of England today.

    Can I be cheeky and ask what you look like - many photos of dolls, crafts, cats, but none of you.


  6. Sunday is the first of Advent. And I look forward to seeing more adorable dolls in your shop. They are so wonderful - you are a creative inspiration.


  7. I have a three years b'day to think about before Xmas yet! I'm going to be left behind. I think I can smell those biscuits by just looking at them. xx

  8. Dearest Jenny,
    I have just found half of our christmas decorations, the rest I'm not sure where they are as we moved into a rented house in Jan this year. I assumed we would be in our newly built house by this time but it hasn't happened. I will have to kindly ask hubby to dig through the hundreds of boxes in the garage.
    I love your new photo's by the way!
    Take care & God bless


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