Homespun Market

12 Nov 2008


I seem to be spending every spare moment doll making this week.
I'm trying to get together enough stock to fill a market stall at the Civic Homespun Market on Saturday.
Well half a market stall actually because I am sharing the space with another seller.
It's only a 3' x 3' space but I want it to look beautiful and bountiful.
I probably won't sell many or any of my play dolls are they are expensive( though I hope I do sell them all of course) so I am making as many small things as I can manage to give those with modest budgets something to buy.


It is wonderful to have a selling venue that isn't a Trash and Treasure market.
Not that I'm against Trash and Treasure it is just that those markets aren't the right place for everyone's beautiful craft work.
I really want to support this market because it is such a great idea and in my heart I know I am also hoping for some local recognition for my dolls ( and for me if truth be told)
Silly I know, but most of my dolls go to the US and the rest are spread between the mainland states, the UK and Europe ( and I've just had my first NZ sale).
The few dolls I sell locally have been to friends from the Steiner/Waldorf circle here.

So I'm out of bed early as usual and as soon as my eyes have adjusted to the conscious world I start sewing, hand sewing that is because everyone is still in bed.
The thing with these dolls is that you just can't hurry them.
Like toddlers and elderly people, they take as long as they take
and you are heading for trouble if you try to hussle them along.

Breakfast and lunchmaking are done in record time and I find myself making doubly sure that I clean up as a go and whenever I see a mess so that I don't reach the end of the day and find I'm surrounded by a quagmire of undone housework.

I make doubly certain I know what we are having for dinner before it gets to lunch time and to be honest everything is running more smoothly than usual.

It can't last of course.
I am staying calm and relaxed ( so far ) but the thing that is missing is any down time for me, I will eventually become frazzled and the whole thing will start to unravel.
I only have to make it through to Saturday and then everything can return to normal.

Wish me luck.


19 Responses to “Homespun Market”

  1. I'm sure that you don't need luck. I do understand about the down time and everything getting too much when we don't have any down time or over schedule ourselves.

    I hope the market goes well for you and you do get some sales.

    cheers Kate

  2. Oh Jenny, I know about local craft shows. I just showed my dolls for the first time here at home and decided not to think about selling any. I wanted folks to know what I was doing. Anyway I did sell one and was pleasantly surprised. Unlike you I didn't make any less expensive items, no energy! Having people appreciate quality craftmanship is where it's at. Yours is exceptional!

  3. I wish I was local so that I could pop along and see your treasures. I love your dolls and am saving up to buy one for my daughter for her birthday in February. I love the little boy doll you have just completed. He is adorable. Good luck on saturday.

    PS Can you add me to your Day in a Life. Have been following for a little while and would love to join.

  4. Hello Jenny. I'm wishing you all the best for your market - I really like the name of it too, and the little logo on your sidebar. You do such beautiful work I'm sure your customers will be pleased with what they see and buy. I hope you enjoy the time you spend there.

  5. I took some time today to read through your archives-- it is so inspirational! Good luck with the market- I'd love to see some pictures of the finished dolls!

  6. A big Good luck..
    I wish i could come..xx

  7. I so know what you mean when I was doing a monthly market up here it was the same thing. There always seemed to be so many things I wanted to make but never got time to do and hey presto market day was here.

    But I know you will get there and what you don't get made for this one you will get done for the next one.


  8. PS: A word of advice Take plenty of business cards with you people will go away and think in two days hence I should have bought that.... and they will know where to get it from.


  9. Good luck keeping balanced and focused for Saturday's market. I'm doing exactly the same as you at the moment. I am sharing a stall with another like minded gal on Sunday at a local market and am putting all my energy into getting prepared. Good luck to both of us!!

  10. I have a craft market to go to in December and I try to make as much as I can for it.I feel like you. I try to get everything done and out of the way so that I can sew, but a few days ago I decided that I won't make myself all crazy , and if I don't have enough, oh well, then I won't go. Big deal! You said it so well , you can't rush doll making!!Good luck on your market!I hope you sell lots!! :0)

  11. Hope the market goes really well for you, and you get the recognition you desire.
    Hope people appreciate the workmanship involved.
    Good Luck

  12. Good luck, I am sure you will sell many dolls everyone will see the quality in your work. And know one will be able to resist to wishes. Julie.C

  13. Good luck Jenny. You never know, you may sell one or two play dolls, lots of people appreciate the time and love it takes to make a doll like that, and your dolls are very, very lovable (as my youngest will happily tell you).

  14. Good luck, Jenny! I wonder, what else are you making except dolls? I hope you can share some pictures with us.

    I have a question for you, if you find time to answer. What do you do with scraps of yarn that remain from your knitting/crocheting? I have quite a collection of scraps that are too good to waste, but seemingly too small to do anything with...

  15. Good luck, Jenny! What a great experience this will be. I hope it goes wonderfully well for you!

  16. I will be praying that you are blessed by this endeavor.

  17. Your dolls are beautiful. Your craftsmanship is exceptional. It certainly looks like your dolls are made with much love and care. Wishing you well for the markets and I hope that your stall is the highlight!

    And thank you for the music you have on your site, its a breath of fresh air each morning.

  18. Keep going, not long now and you enjoy what you do. I will post on the 14th for "A Day in my Life". Look forward to hearing about yours if you have time to post.


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