Hide and Seek

17 Nov 2008

Just to let you know, the
Natural Kids Team is playing a game of Hide and Seek.
You visit the participating etsy stores and search through the listings for the little gnome behind the tree.
If you find him and buy the product you will receive a gift from the shop owner.
You can find out more about the game

While I was fast asleep someone found the little hiding gnome in my shop and the doll has been sold but there are still lots more gnomes to be found.
Good luck!

One Response to “Hide and Seek”

  1. Jenny, that little doll you have in your shop is just adorable! If you've visited my blog lately, you'll know that we don't NEED another Waldorf dollie, but alas, is it wrong to love every one I see??!! (It's genetic...my daughters want them ALL too!!) The Hide and Seek is great fun. I've really enjoyed visiting the many different etsy stores in the new group you are part of. Beautiful things! Wishing you the best...


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