14 Nov 2008


Just a quick and very late post to apologise for not being around today.

We have had computer problems all day which were finally fixed around dinner time.

This day in my life has been computer free and camera free although both have now been restored to me.

A very relieved Kate brought the camera home from school this afternoon.

Andy fixed the computer when he came home.

So my day was technology free but doll-full.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to put up a list of all who have decided to join in with ADIML this month.

I'm much too tired to do it now but please go to the comments on yesterday's post and you will find everyone who is joining in.

You will be able to pop in and visit and find out what everyone has been up to.

I'm off to bed now.

It's the market tomorrow.

I didn't get as much ready as I had hoped to but I am really pleased with what I have.

I'm quite prepared to sell nothing and what doesn't sell will go in my shop on Sunday.

Good night everyone and thanks everyone for joining in even when I had disappeared without a trace.

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  1. Hi Jenny, Wonderful news that your camera has been found, I bet Kate was so relieved.
    Wishing you sweet dreams & a good night's rest in readiness for the market.

  2. Phew! Camera retrieved, and a computer that conked out at what I figure was the perfect time for you to be able to get LOTS finished up for the market. Have fun!

  3. Jenny, glad your camera turned up too! You sound exhausted...make sure you rest lots. xx

  4. sounds like a busy day all around. Glad re camera. Finally posted........

  5. Glad you got the camera back, and hoping you have a good night's rest and a happy, busy time at the market. I'd buy everything on your stall, but I have no money and live just a bit too far away anyway. Have fun!

  6. So glad your camera was found!!! My stomach can untense now!

    Hugs from Michigan - Diane

  7. I joined in here: http://iamhisbeloved.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/a-day-in-my-life/


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