17 Nov 2008

tiny geranium, large rhubarb

Gorgeous sunny morning here today and I have woken knowing that I can have an ordinary day.

School lunches, breakfast, feed the chooks, take a stroll around the garden, write to you while I sip my coffee and then on to "the work" as my mother calls it.

"The Work" today is to do the washing, vacuum the floors, dust and tidy.

I also want to spend some time in the vegetable garden, I have things to plant out and some plant feeding to do.

and towards the end of the day I will go to the post office to post off Julia and Jane, one to the US and one to Canada.
I'll buy some milk and go to the op shop.

Many many hours were spent dollmaking last week, things should be back to normal this week. I have custom order dolls to make and ideas for new dolls for the shop.

the path to the chook house

This picture above is the path that leads to the chook (hen)house.
At this time of year it is a joy to walk this short path and become entangled in the vibrancy and energy of the spring garden.
To the left of the path are the apple trees ( not in shot) which seem to have doubled in size this past year even though they are more than twenty years old.

The little geranium in the top picture sits in a terracotta pot beside the vegetable garden which is just outside our back door.
It is such a sweetie, a cutting from a friend's garden.

fluffy poppy

After I fed the chooks and Charlie the duck I went on a bit further to the garden that used to have the sandpit, now overgrown though the riversand is still there and I mix it with old compost to make seed raising soil for my punnets.

This fluffy headed poppies have been moving around the garden for more than ten years.
Last summer they took up residence in the vegetable garden.
This year they are at the bottom of the garden and around the pond.
They flower prolifically and self seed with blowsy abandon, they are useless as cut flowers so you have to take the time to enjoy them where they grow.

poppy bud

I thoroughly enjoyed the market, sweetened by the fact that I had a free stall.

I had made enough stock for an uncluttered half stall only to find I had the whole table to myself.
Oh dear.
Kate and I decided the dolls looked elegant on the black table, rather than lonely.
Everyone else had very well stocked stalls.

As I said before none of the big dolls sold but they were well received and admired which was wonderful for me and it was lovely to share with people who obviously enjoy dolls.
A couple of ladies said that my dolls are proper little girls dolls, like the dolls of their own childhood, dressed like children and ready to be played with.
I took this as a great compliment as that's just how I feel about them too.

The market was held in an old church hall and in the beautiful covered walkway beside it.


Like may local churches, I'm sure the hall was initially consecrated and used for worship until the church proper had been built.
It has beautiful wooden floors and ceiling and these lovely stained glass windows.
It is right in the centre of town and a lovely peaceful spot.

So I have booked to go again in two weeks time, I think it is the 29th of November.
I will concentrate on making small things plus have four dolls again to display and perhaps sell.

I put all of the dolls into my etsy shop and two of them have already sold so I may have four new dolls for the market, who knows.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in A Day in My Life.
I haven't had a chance to catch up on everyone's day yet.
I'll get round everyone over the next few days I hope.
Did you all manage to follow the links from the comments section?

Oh and one other thing. Louise , from Prairie Mouse, has the most wonderful little Christmas mouse mother and baby in the latest Homespun magazine.
Louise is so very talented and if you get the chance have a look or maybe even make her little mousey pair.
So very sweet and beautifully made.

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  1. You have a lovely garden- the flowers are beautiful!

  2. although it is beautiful here at the moment, you are making me long for spring!

  3. Your garden looks lovely, especially the frilly poppy - so cheerful. Just what I needed to brighten my damp autumn morning!

  4. I wish I could have come to your stall! I got my "14th" post up on Saturday.

  5. Love your dolls and your blog which I visit frequently now. I wish I had someone to buy a doll for - two nearly grown and flown sons are not ideal recipients. But maybe I should have one ready just in case of need. By the way, what is an op shop?

  6. Hi Lucille and welcome. An op shop is actually an Opportunity shop, a charity shop, a thrift shop. I don't know what the opportunity is, to find a bargain I suppose.

  7. That pink poppy is just beautiful!!! I've never seen one like it!

  8. My husband brought some poppies like that or similar back from the tip. We are hoping the seedheads dry and are mature enough to grow.


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