2 Nov 2008


Dear little Diana is in the shop now.
More to come as I have the time.


Diana has found a home. Thank you.

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  1. Oh she is so cute. I would love to get one of these little gems for my little girl...for christmas maybe.

  2. She is adorable! I have to admit the sweater knocked my socks off!

  3. She is simply precious!! Please would you consider sharing or even selling your little dolly cardigan pattern?? I'm just getting started with doll making and have had a hard time finding a good pattern!

  4. As always Jenny lovely, your days must be full keeping on top of family needs and making dolls for the shop. Julie.C

  5. Oh so sweet. Love her soft and colorful sweater.


  6. i LOVE your beautiful dolls. someday ... i shall purchase one ... someday. louise reminds me of the french madeleine stories!!


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