10 Oct 2008


Well we have raced along this week and now it's Friday.
I haven't had a lot of time to blog .
The spring weather makes being inside difficult and when I am inside I'm taking care of my home and family or making dolls or sewing or knitting.

Kate had her athletics carnival on Wednesday so that was the whole day spent at the running track. Kate had a lovely time and tried very hard .
I had a lovely time too with the whole day to catch up with friends and what is going on in their lives.
The weather was chilly but fine but the children were kept warm with all their running and jumping and I had my trusty red woollen coat and purple woollen socks plus my green afghan rug to sit on and share with anyone who happenened my way.

Yesterday , as I have alreday told you, was Show Day.
Gorgeous sunny day with enough wind to dry the washing quickly and almost wrinkle free.
Kate and I went for a lovely walk in the morning and it was impossible not to be bursting with happy thoughts , out in the sunshine with all the incredibly intense green everywhere as people's gardens are springing up and almost noisy with new growth.

Mum came round for morning tea and an update on our plans for Saturday.
Kate is having her first long awaited and much wished for horse riding lesson.
She has some experience having had informal lessons at a friend's farm but this will be the real thing.
Soooooo exciting.
She has been saving her pocket money to help with the expense.
Honestly she has been wanting lessons for at least four years , I think she is old enough to apprecitae it all now and I hope she has a wonderful time.
Such excitement.

Mum will be taking Kate to her first lesson, Stephen and I will be heading off to Penguin to watch Andy and the rest of the athletes at the interschool athletics carnival.
I really looking forward to a day in the countryside even though the best part of the day will be at the running track.
The north west coast of Tasmania is so beautiful with rolling hills covered in picture perfect farms, fabulous coast line and plenty of bushland.
Such a pretty place.


So today I'll be getting the food ready for tomorrows journey, sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and of course some fruit but nature takes care of that part of the menu.
We'll take a thermos of tea and plenty of fresh water.
I'll need to make some soup too so we have an easy meal ready when we arrive home.

I'll take along my knitting to do in the car and at the track and I'll try to remember my camera too( and some spare batteries)

There is a long list of unanswered questions from comments and emails about all sorts of things including my home notebook.
If you are looking for suggestions on that front just check out these posts by Jewels and Anna ( check the comments for more on Anna's list and notebook). Here is a picture of Anna's notebook.
What I do is somewhere between the two and I'll share next week.
I must tell you about the school fair that was on last weekend too.

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  1. Hoping for a good day weather wise for you tomorrow, I've spent some uncomfortable times at the athletic track.
    cheers Kate

  2. Oh Kate we have had some shockers there too, four seasons and a day and wind all day long.

  3. haha, Horses. I started out with lessons, then working at a friends farm. (My father organised to work me real hard and turn me off the animals) I hopped in the car and said "dad, even the manure smells wonderful!" I think he gave in then, realised he couldn't control my love. No longer a passion, but they are an amazing animal. Hope Kate enjoys the lesson.

  4. Thankyou for telling me about Jewels & Annas household notebooks. Can't wait till next week to read your blog on it. Always gives me new ideas for my projects/things when i see others.
    Have a great weekend Caroline

  5. Hi Jenny
    I hope Kate enjoys her riding. My eldest is pony crazy too. I like your new header!

  6. Hi Jenny, I love visiting Tasmania via your blog, such an easy way to see the world and and your island looks really lovely.


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