12 Oct 2008


So, yesterday Stephen, Andy and I went up the north west coast to the athletics carnival in Penguin.
The photos I have are from the same trip taken two years ago when we stayed overnight in Penguin so that the Stephen and Louis could run in the Burnie 10 Road Race.

I have no photos from yesterday's trip.
I finally bought new batteries for my camera.
I popped them in the camera before we left yesterday morning.
When I went to use it the batteries were flat.
What a nuisance.

You have to ignore the funny face Kate is pulling, I think she was telling a joke when I snapped her.


The drive up the coast was beautiful, so green and lush but perhaps not quite as green as you would expect.
Spring makes all of Tasmania look so well watered but we have had little rain and it won't be long I suspect before things start to brown off again.

The road between Launceston and Latrobe ( the first part of the journey) is very familiar to me.
My grandparents lived in Latrobe for the last twenty years of their lives and we used to visit them every second weekend of my childhood.
We were jammed into the station wagon; Mum, Dad, Maisie( my auntie), my brother and sister, my two cousins and me, the one who got car sick.
Eight of us in a car designed to seat six people maximum - bench seat in the front and back with three on each and the last two were over the back where the luggage was supposed to be.
No worries about child safe seats or seat belts back then.

There wasn't a lot to do at Grannies so once we finished investigating the mysteries of the spare room and picking as many peas and raspberries as we could manage we used to spend our time exploring the streets around her house.
I don't know why Grannie and Grandpop settled on the north west coast as they were both born and bred north east coast people living mainly around Pioneer and Derby.
Their eldest daughter, Auntie Nance, lived in Latrobe so perhaps that influenced their decision.


Andy ran well at the carnival but wasn't up to his best.
It was very hot and sunny at the track, lots of sunburnt faces and shoulders.
It was so strange being there without the other children.
Back in Launceston Kate had a wonderful riding lesson.
Now she has to wait two weeks for the next one.

Today was another glorious day.
One of those days when you pop down to the henhouse to give the girls a few treats and then start a little weeding and before you know it hours have passed and the washing up is still waiting.

The garden is such a joyous place to be, so much peaceful energy.


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  1. Good evening Jenny
    We also had a lovely, but a tiring time in the garden today. With daylight savings it is hard to know when to stop gardening. I can still remember the excitment of going away for a long weekend to Ponyland, (aged 12) to have my first offical lessons on horsemanship. I thought I had gone to heaven! I hope Kate enjoys her lessons.

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! and gorgeous memories!!! My family was born and bred on the East Coast so I could share with u the beaches of St Helens, and the abondoned mines of Cornwall, the Cullenswood Church, the shops of St Marys but i respect in your delight of the raspberries.....was it wrong to eat more than i picked???? lol
    Hugs xxx

  3. Fantastic photos I love to see other parts of our beautiful country.A great post.

  4. Hi Jenny, what a lovely weekend. Thanks for giving us a peak.
    I would like to be in the 'A Day in My Life' this month if it is on again.


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