Rhythm and Joy, Surprises and Dreams

6 Oct 2008


Monday morning is here with the promise of a busy happy week.
Daylight savings began yesterday, the family were a little sluggish with their school and work preparations this morning but it truly is a magnificent morning.


By Stephen's report we had very heavy rain and wind last night. I was oblivious, too busy snoring. I had such a great sleep after a day of feeling a bit yucky with an upset tummy. Sunday gave me plenty of time spent lying around and the pleasure of taking the time before Monday to do a sketchy plan for the week.


There are lots of homemaking jobs to be done this week but with my little plan all ready for this morning I feel as though I have been given a gift. Yesterday's planning means that I started today knowing exactly where I was going. My usual routine is to look over my week after everyone has left for school and work, I get my notebook with my cup of coffee, the washing is on, the washing up is done and before I start the general cleaning I scribble away in my trusty home notebook.


This could be the start of a new rhythm, not the spending half of Sunday on the couch part but the taking time before the working week starts to think over and plan and dream about the week to come. Actually it sounds like a perfect Sunday activity, Sunday for me is a day of reflection and review and recreation, a time to gather together the spiritual and physical strength I need for the coming week.


Last week I spent so much time in my house with the garden calling. I had a good look around this morning and I swear you can hear things growing. My garden takes its own sweet time waking up from winter but once it gets going it seems unstoppable.


And, yes, we finally have cauliflowers not just impressively big cauliflower plants.


Phoebe had a meander around the garden too but by the end the only thing she was interested in was getting me back inside to give her some breakfast.

I hope you have a wonderful week full of rhythm and joy, surprises and dreams.

12 Responses to “Rhythm and Joy, Surprises and Dreams”

  1. I love your idea of taking time on Sunday to prepare for the coming week. I might have to give that a go.
    BTW your garden is looking wonderful.


  2. I've been doing that lately - I spend some time on Sunday organising the school week ahead, my work schedule and our menu plan. It's working well so far.

  3. Your garden looks so full of life.

    It's always good to know what your starting with on Mon morning, I have a routine that I have followed for the last 11 years so I go about my day enjoying the comfort of knowing.
    Have a great week and I hope you get out into your wonderful garden.


  4. It's a great idea to plan the week ahead on Sunday! I should try it, sometimes I don't get much done because I want to do it all and don't know where to begin. :-)


  5. What a beautiful garden. I usually take Sunday mornings to plan for the week ahead. Then again, Sunday mornings here are like Monday mornings for the rest of the world, I guess.

  6. I'm beginning to feel really envious of you all in the southern hemisphere with summer to look forward too whilst our days in the north are getting shorter and colder! Your garden is delightful Jenny, I'll look at it and dream of our 'next spring'. Eli

  7. What a lovely garden. Have been reading your post for some time, just had to comment. Love your dolls.You are sooooo..clever
    With smiles

  8. I was just catching up and reading your posts from awhile back. I love your blog!!! Tonight I was thinking tho - I would love to see what you have listed, and like what kinds of things you list in your home notebook! I am very lacking in the housework/domestic areas of life, and wish I knew how to do it better. It seems I have a list in my head of what to do - but often most doesn't get done. Also don't have any real schedule for getting things cleaned - hmmmmm, that might be part of my problem! (grin)

    Anyway, would love it if you would share how you do your schedule!!!

    Hugs from Michigan - Diane

  9. Beautiful photos of your surrounding garden. Julie.C

  10. Jenny, your garden is delightful. Here in the northern hemisphere ours are starting to to go to sleep for the winter. (Though here in Houston, TX, ours last longer than most!) Anyway, I enjoyed seeing all your fresh young beauties. And your new doll is beautiful, as usual.

  11. Your garden is beautiful I bet you find it very calming it looks that way in the photos.I've been trying to do some weekly (ahead) organizing like you so it's interesting to hear what others do.
    What is your household notebook you mentioned??

  12. Your garden pictures are just beautiful. . both veggies
    and flowers. In Southern US we are beginning to
    close out the growing season. Picked my last ripe
    tomato on vine grown in container. Look forward to
    the fall and a little rest from the summer. BTW your
    dolls are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    Ms. Dale


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