27 Oct 2008

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Monday morning - don't you just love them.

The birds are singing like crazy, the sun is shining and there is a whole new week stretching out before me.

Mondays for me are all about house and home. Because I know that this is my main priority for the day I can just relax into it, not race through it feeling stressed trying to get to the next thing. The washing, change the sheets, dusting and vacuuming,tidying and cleaning.

I have had a few emails lately about how I organise my week ( just remembered I still haven't shared my home notebook).
I don't have any hard and fast rules or routines but what tends to happen is that different days have different priorities.

Mondays my number one priority is getting the house organised and feeling good after the weekend. Lots of washing is done, hung out on the line to dry and then if the weather is working with me by late afternoon it's all dry and ready to be folded as it comes off the line and into the basket. It usually gets sorted and delivered to the various rooms but sometimes it sits there until Tuesday.

I like to do a thorough clean, you know, vacuuming, dusting, tidying, empty the bins,make sure everything is shipshape.

I also check any perishable supplies that might need topping up, usually milk and sometimes fruit and meat and later in the day I head off to the shops.
On Mondays doll making is way down the bottom of the list although if there is time I might do a little admin stuff like listing dolls in the shop or ordering supplies.

Tuesday the house is still top of the priority list. I do anything that didn't get done on Monday plus I usually do some baking to see us through to the end of the week. More washing is done if needed and I like to do a special clean of my bedroom.

The dolls are moving up to the middle of my list now and I generally have some time in the afternoon to work on dolls and to get myself organised for some serious dollmaking on Wednesdays

Wednesday comes and there is generally a load of washing to be done plus the usual morning round of duties: watering the seedlings and vegetable garden, feeding the chooks, making school lunches, washing up, sweeping, wiping down the bathroom, make my bed and a general tidy of the house. Then it's on to the dolls. I try to make the best use of my time and not dilly dally too much. Wednesday and Thursday are my two big dolly days and I don't like to get to Friday and find I have frittered my time away.

The house is in good condition on these days because of my hard work on Monday and Tuesday and because I don't have little children any more it stays relatively tidy as long as I do my morning round and another at the end of the day.

Friday the dolls are making their way down the priority list again and sit somewhere in the middle. I find I need to spend some time on Fridays preparing for the weekend. I generally do the weekly shop on Friday ( or late Thursday or sometimes early Saturday morning). It's much easier to face the weekend knowing you are well stocked and the house is clean. So much nicer and easier for the family to enjoy their weekend if the house is organised and calm.
If I need to go to town I try to make it a Friday but that is flexible.

I do home sewing on Saturdays and I generally do some baking on Sunday or Saturday depending on what we are up to. I also do the school wash on Sunday so everyone has fresh clothes for Monday morning. The weekend is a favourite time for the garden as well but I do grab moments through the week to do a little weeding or planting. You have to be open to the moment and the weather

I do get up early around 5.30am most mornings, I spend some time thinking about my day and life , making note of anything I need to remember ( I have a memory like a seive) and generally spend from 6 to 7 am working on dolls. I also spend my evenings on the dolls too unless I need or want to do something else. At the moment I seem to be grabbing every moment I can but this is a very busy season for doll makers.

It is important to me that I keep up at least with the basics of a clean and tidy home.
Getting behind when you have so many other things to do is a disaster.
It is so hard to catch up and the mess would stop me from being able to enjoy anything else.

It is also important to me that my family can come back to a decent home.
I try to be winding down from doll making by the time Kate arrives home and my focus shifts to my afternoon chores: bringing in the washing, starting dinner, watering the garden and so on.

Of course I am very happy to ask for help and mostly people are happy to give help especially if it means they get their dinner on time or they have clean clothes to wear the next day.

I so enjoy the privilege of being able to be home based, to have the time to care for my family, home and garden.
I love that , in this season of my life I have the time to spend enjoying my doll making and feeding my creativity.
The more I do the more I want to do.

I tend not to be a very organised person but I have found that if I just get things done rather than thinking about doing them I have more time and energy than I ever knew I had.
I know it's obvious, just get it done, but you would be surprised how much time a really good planner ( me ) can waste.

So my advice is know what you have to do and just get it done.

Don't worry that you haven't made the perfect timetable or that you are making your own rules.
It's your life, so live it;
know what you need to do and do it.

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  1. wow!! This is just what I needed on this Monday morning. Very helpful and inspiring. I am absolutely addicted to your blog and can't get through a day without my little jenny wren fix! I especially love it that my favourite blog in all the world is by a fellow Tasmanian!!

  2. Such a lovely schedule. And encouraging words on my Sunday night before starting my new week.

  3. beautiful post. thank you for the gentle but insistent reminder to just be. to just DO. i am notorious for writing little "to do" lists down on anything i can find ... just to get the swirly thoughts out of my head. maybe i need to do more DOING, too. hm.

    i just might treat myself to a jenny wren doll for my birthday next month ... ; )

  4. It brings such a smile to me reading of your Monday morning where it is warm and there are lovely flowers.

    Here in the USA it is Sunday evening and there is a very cold wind blowing outside.

    Although I look forward to the colder weather, reading your blog and seeing the beautiful dolls bring a little Springtime into the home. :)

  5. I love reading your Monday morning post when it's still Sunday night in my part of the world -- and fall, not spring -- like a somewhat 'parallel universe', kind of comforting knowing that all is well with the world in the future, so to speak ;-).

  6. Sounds like a great routine Jenny and some really good advice about just getting it done. I waste a lot of my time procrastinating about what I need to do but I'm getting better at just doing it. I think having something special that you want to do for yourself is a good motivator to get things done.

    cheers kate

  7. Once again you have written another outstanding post. Very encouraging and it is lovely to hear how others manage their precious time. Always love your pictures too.Caroline

  8. Oh my what gorgeous dolls you create.

    I really like the sound of your routine too. I will definitley be popping back.


  9. I love to get lots of good hard work done at the beginning of the week, too (which for me, is Sunday morning, of course! :-)). And like you said, a lot of time can be wasted if we don't just get up and do what needs to be done.

  10. It is Monday morning here and I have begun my first load of wash :) I loved this post. It's about rhythm, not lists. Just as our children need a rhythm to our days, I think we do as well.

  11. Great post! I really liked reading how you plan your week, because I've been trying to make a list of things I want to get done every week, it's very helpful to see what others do and on what day. Thanks!


  12. Hi Jen,thanks for sharing your daily do's! Seems very much like mine. Mondays have always been a big cleaning day for me and can follow into Tuesday as well. There are three of us here at home,but my other children and grandchildren are in and out quite often through out the days,and nights. Makes for some dirty floors,which is one thing that always seems to be a must do(sweep and mop). I don't find myself as concern as I once was about such things. I just enjoy the company and then clean up when everyone parts.I find it a pleasure knowing my family love coming home here and the grandchildren think it is the most grand place on earth to be.
    Have a blessed week....

  13. Thanks Jenny, I love the way your Monday sounds, I let things get into a big mess and then just can't get started. Procrastination is a shortcoming I wish God would remove. Thanks for an inspiring poat.


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