9 Oct 2008


Lots of happy red around my work table today.


And lots of brilliant sunshine


spreading across the window seat and


on to my table.

Today was a holiday in honour of the Royal Launceston Show.
We spent the day at home.
Legend has it that it is now safe to plant you tomatoes because there won't be any more frosts.
Do we trust the legend, last year many people lost their tomato plants because of a late very harsh frost and the plant nurseries couldn't provide enough seedlings for people to replace their lost plants.

As there have been snow falls over the past few days up in the highlands I might keep my plants safe in pots for a little while longer.


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  1. Up here in New England, USA, we're awaiting our first frost...gathering up the last of the annuals and tomatoes before it is all over for the season. I think we have another week...
    And is that a pair of Gingher shears I spy? Love the handles, but even more so, the peek of the holder they are in!

  2. Along the coast we always say after Melbourne Cup day it's safe to plant tomatoes.

    The sunshine looked lovely, it's been so cloudy here this week.

    cheers Kate

  3. Gorgeous reds Jenny. That cute little 'Raggedy' would have been on my daughter's Xmas list 20 years ago! I'm now waiting for grandkids and the excuse to buy dolls again (no joy yet!)


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