Jenny and Jerome

2 Oct 2008


Some time ago I was contacted by Samantha who had bought a charming and very pretty little book by the name of "Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy girl" by Jenny Wren written around the turn of last century.
She had been googling Jenny Wren to find out about the author and came upon me. Samantha has an Etsy store too, she is a jewellery maker in the US and a blog.

Now it just so happens that I, or rather Stephen, is the proud owner of Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow written by Jerome K. Jerome of Three Men in a Boat fame. At the time I could not find the book any where in the house. I wanted to tell you all about this funny little coincidence. After turning the house upside down I still couldn't find it even though I had seen Stephen idly reading just the week before.

Well last week it turned up, just sitting there on the shelf , right where it was supposed to be. I don't know about an idle book, I think it's been very busy hiding from me. Any way Samantha , through her research said that the generally held belief is that Jerome K. Jerome actually wrote both books.


You can read Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl and Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow on line and when I get a chance to be idle , I'll read that gentleman's lazy and idle thoughts as well.


Isn't the internet a funny place.

One Response to “Jenny and Jerome”

  1. what a great story. yep, i agree the internet is a very funny place!


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