21 Oct 2008


I love this post by Melissa who is the mother of Kate who has the sweetest faced baby you will ever see ( after my own sweet babies of course).

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  1. Jenny, thanks so much for finding and sharing these two blogs. They are wonderfully inspiring!

  2. Hi Jenny, I was really touched by Melissa's post about the pace of life. I have a couple of days a week (today is one) where we all howl around going from a to b in a flash, and the coming home and resettling into the everyday routines is like finding an oasis in the desert. Having said that, the way she writes about it is so lovely. Lisa x

  3. I love to check in every once in awhile....it is always a nice visit. I do lo-o-o-ve the darling tea cosy! Did you make it yourself? It looks like a wonderful pattern to share....could you? I would love to know where to find it :o)
    Bless you.


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