22 Oct 2008


I haven't run away to join the circus, I'm just very busy with my dolls and life and don't have much time left over for the computer at the moment - so another little but pretty post.

Lucky for me a little present arrived in the post yesterday, I bought it myself but that still counts as a present.
I love Raggedy Anne and when I saw
these in Joy's etsy shop I decided to add them to my small and mostly homemade collection.
So cute, so, so tiny.
Joy lives in beautiful Upwey, the scene of many Marshall picnics many years ago, so they took no time to arrive and now they are helping me with my work.

You would be surprised how much help a little raggedy and her bear can be.

product picture from Joy's etsy shop

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  1. My goodness me those dolls are tiny! I don't think my fingers could coordinate themselves to make something so delicate...and I have tiny hands LOL.

    I'll have to keep an eye out for real life sightings of Joy's work ~ I live just 'up the road'.

  2. Oh my those are so tiny and so darn cute!!! How sweet are those.

  3. Oh that are very cute...soooo tiny.
    I will have to check out what else she has..

  4. I adore those! They are so amazingly tiny and with such fine detail. How did she do it!? Wow. Too cute. I too love Raggedy Anne. She was really popular when I was a little girl in the 70's. When I was six or seven I had a little plastic Raggedy Anne and Andy doll house with the dolls themselves and the blue camel. Not sure what else came with it.I used to stare at it sitting on a shelf where my mom put it when I was trying to go to sleep at night in my top bunk. Wish I knew what happened to it. Probobly got totally destroyed. I have 4 younger siblings so there ya go.:)

  5. Those are adorable. My youngest, Lou, doesn't have her own Raggedy Ann yet. I've been hunting for the perfect one, but haven't found it until now.....


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