1 Oct 2008


Everything is all about dolls here at the moment.
Dolls and how to feed a family with only an oven to cook with, no cooktop.
I went to cook boiled eggs to make egg sandwiches for everyone's lunches and then remember - no gas.
Stephen hasn't had time to get the tanks refilled.
Hopefully it will only be one more day.


I have lots of custom order dolls to do.
It's very exciting when I get to start a new doll.
Of course I am also in the process of trying to fill my shop with new dolls as well.
And there are only just so many hours in the day.
I still need to keep people fed, clothes washed,the house clean and tidy.
As Kate tells me " a woman's work is never done" and sometimes when I look around I can only see the things this woman hasn't done, ha ha.


Now, if you want to learn all about Home Management visit Emily at Humble Labor to see a wonderful film from the 1940s to tell you how to make it happen.
The best bit of advice I have for myself is decide what you are making for dinner at breakfast time.
There's nothing like knowing where your heading to make the journey easier.

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  1. How lovely, I love the little knitted cardigan! xx

  2. Yes I agree not enough hours in the day,but I wouldn't like it if I wasn't busy. This is a beautiful doll. Julie

  3. How true! I always plan our diner around lunchtime so I can go out to get a few things if needed in the afternoon. Love the doll! It's hard work doing it all, I know. I was hunched over the sewing machine this morning with a toddler hanging around my neck. Not good timing I know, but sometimes the creativity has to get out. :-)


  4. Sweet dolls, and the little cardigan is so cute!


  5. Oh I love the dolly! I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and am so inspired!

  6. My daughters and I agree, that is the world's cutest doll! And I am the same way with dinner. If I haven't planned it by the time breakfast is over, the day goes downhill quickly. ☻

  7. For such emergencies, it's good to have a portable gas stove. It saved the day for us a couple of times!

  8. She is absoloutely beautiful, no wonder you have so many orders!

  9. She's the nicest one you've done, in my opinion. I love her bobbed hair.


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