Dollies and Doilies

30 Oct 2008


Hi everyone.
I'm having a dolly day today, lots of work being done and hopefully lots of things being finished off.
I will be updating the shop late on 1st November, so if you are interested pop into my shop on Saturday.

These gorgeous crocheted and knitted doilies are from a bag of goodies I found for next to nothing at the school fair earlier in the month.
I finally got round to washing them yesterday.
They remind me of my Gran who always had a ball of cotton somewhere around with her tiny thin crochet hook attached and an intricate doiley or collar in the making.

Most of these beauties are hand made, lots of different stitches and techniques tried and plenty of colours as well as the old favourites cream and white.

I hope you are all having a productive day and don't forget to leave your name on the post below to be in the draw for my give away Tilda doll.

Bye now.


13 Responses to “Dollies and Doilies”

  1. I love all the doilies! How fantastic that you scored them for such a reasonable price.

    I think I'll just sit here and imagine them fluttering on my identical clothes horse. Course I'll be disappointed when I open my eyes...but oh well. I think maybe your Gran's habit may be something I should take up, myself.

  2. This reminds me of when i used to visit my Gran when I was young she used to set me little jobs like cleaning up her pantry or my favourite washing the doilies(she had them everywhere)

  3. Oh, these are so lovely, Jenny. My grandmother made doilies of very similar style, and I've made a few of those myself, not as elaborate as hers though. I just adore crocheting, it's so easy to make such lovely, airy patterns.

  4. Oh wow doilies...great to see them in great numbers.
    My nan had the best collection...seeing a pattern there..

  5. Oh so pretty! I loved the pic of the doilies hanging in the sunshine to dry! :)

  6. Oh how sweet, thanks for the giveaway!

  7. hi, your blog is very inspirational and i'm always wishing for your dolls for my 2 daughters! . . . someday!

  8. Did you wash the doilies any special way? I have lots from my late mom and am interested in keeping them pretty.

  9. The doilies are pretty just drying on your rack. What fun make such a good find.


  10. I love doilies... they are beautiful!!!

  11. Hi Elizabeth, I actually washed them on the delicates cycle in the washing machine with homemade laundry detergent.

  12. I know this is an old blog entry, but i've only just found it! Those doilies are just beautiful! I hope you are very proud of yourself.


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