26 Oct 2008


A delicious new dolly in the shop.


Lillie, named after Lillie McGee who so many years ago had the cutest curly top at playgroup.


She is wearing a dress made from a 1968 doll pattern.


So sweet.

Lillie has found a home. Thank you.

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  1. Oh my gosh! Did she sell already? I went to look and she's gone! She is my favorite I think yet. One of these days,when I am able I'm gonna buy one of your dolls, I swear. I would love to see you make one like that with the curly hair except with brown hair and light brown eyes. I love all the cloths you make for these dolls too.

  2. She is so lovely. I wish I had seen her first! I would have loved to buy her. Your dolls are all so lovely. Maybe one day one of them can come to England to live with me.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Jen,Lille is beautiful,but then all your dolls are beautiful!
    Have a blessed Lord's day...


  4. She's already sold! I absolutely love her. Lucky, lucky someone!! She is absolutely adorable! How is it that each dolly is cuter than the next?!

  5. Oh dear! Slowly recovering from being *majorly* cutified. She is **way too** adorable! Way to *go* little jenny wren. But, honestly, there should have been some kind of flashing red warning well enough above that top photo, donchathink?? *Too* cute! And, *too bad* you didn't give birth to identical triplet Lillies, hunh JAM? ;o) It's that hair....it's just *too, too, too*... :o) You'll have to start making photo cards and prints of all your sweet babies--all so beautiful. I'll take an 8x10 of that top photo, please....now that I'm over the shock of it *all* (you know, that *hair* ;o) Love you, sweet gal. Pleasant dreams. xo Jewels

  6. That is my Hannah, 16 years ago. I was just on here hours ago and by golly she wasn't even here yet. Someday I want a "Hannah"--make more please :)

  7. This doll is so lovely,all are beautiful. Julie

  8. She's lovely and congrats on such a quick sell. My daughter also has blonde hair with curls, she gets compliments all the time. I guess it appeals to a lot of people, hair like that!


  9. Oh she is adorable!! Some day I am going to buy one of these dolls!! I love the curly hair!


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