A Day in My Life, Tomorrow

13 Oct 2008

Tomorrow, being the 14th of the month, it is time for A Day in My life once again.
Each month the lifers journal in detail the activities of their day, all that ordinary detail that is so interesting to so many of us.
You can read about some of our past journal days here.
Any one is welcome to join in.
We do this every month but there is no obligation to participate any more often than suits you.

It's a great way to record what life is really like and to make friends with other lifers from all over the world.
It's always so interesting to see that there is more that unites us than divides us.

If you are going to take part this month just leave a comment on this post and I'll publish a list with all the appropriate links.
Feel free to use the Day in My Life button.
You can join at any time , you can post however best suits you.
Enjoy yourselves.

35 Responses to “A Day in My Life, Tomorrow”

  1. Hi Jenny and all the others,
    I'm joining again too!


  2. Hello Jenny
    Back home now so I will take part this month. Busy day and evening so most likely it'll be posted on Wednesday
    Take care

  3. Hi, will look forward to joining in again.

  4. I am in again. My computer died and I am using my husband's but since I was able to install my photo program I can blog again (don't like blogging without pictures).


  5. Thanks for the reminder Jenny. Yes, I will do that.

  6. Its hard to believe the 14th is here again. Time flies when you're having fun. I'm in again. Jan

  7. Yes will play.

    Amazing how fast the 14th comes around each month.

    Love Leanne

  8. I would like to join you all this month. Thanks!

  9. I'm in - can't believe that it already is time again....

  10. I plan on writing again this month.

  11. Please count me in again - one busy day ahead of us I think so I may not get posted until the evening.


  12. Thanks for the reminder. I remembered yesterday but forgot this morning when I woke up. Count me in.


  13. Hi,
    Tia directed us your way and we wanna play too! :0)


  14. Hi, I'm planning to join in again and I'm looking forward to reading the other entries!

    ~ Carole

  15. Hi Jenny, I'm in again. Have a good day.

  16. Hi Jenny and everyone else too! I'll be in it.
    Lisa x www.thetinhouse.blogspot.com/

  17. Yes I would love to participate again. I love this. It's like finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I can't wait to start tomorrow.

  18. Hello there little jenny wren :o)
    I am going to *try* my very hardest to gather photos of today, and join in. Which means, *if I succeed* the photos will be posted later today, tonight, or tomorrow. The majority of us have big whopper colds/sore throats/swollen glands, but I was a bit determined to share in the *Day in My Life* fun. Okay....crawling out of my *sick bed* to go and make *chicken soup*, blow my nose, and take some photos of everyone else doing likewise ;o) *All* this said (and imagining how horrible this post could actually *be*), I know you're (secretly) hoping I won't succeed--aren't you? C'mon, tell the truth, now. Sweet dreams, JAM. Love, Jewels

  19. Hi Jenny, I'm Jenny too! I'd like to join your "day in my life"! I'll be posting this evening after the day has slowed down!

  20. Dear little jenny wren, I am back--tiptoeing in to leave a note on your kitchen table (poke around in the fridge for goodies, and, sickly as I am, I'll most likely have to curl up and take a rest on your couch. All the while...) hoping not to wake you, to say, that you'd better not include me this time around, as I (and everyone around me) is feeling worse by the minute. I'd say I'm too weak to hold and steady the camera, but that would be a *slight* exaggeration ;o) But, I surely *will* be by the time I'm done at your house. Fact is, I am one tired bird, and I'm always sleepy after I eat (alot)....This said, I hope I don't cause too big of a stir, if I'm still (zonked out) on the couch. Maybe you'd better pause here and take a quick peek--just incase--before anyone else gets up ;o) Anyways...do feel sorry for me, being so sick and surrounded by so many sick people and all. Okay? :o)
    P.S. Did I say my fingers were tired from typing all these letters to you, today?? You wouldn't want to come over and *make* the soup and *do some laundry* and read aloud *to me* would you??? ;o) Well, at least feel sorry for me. I just wish you weren't in bed, and I didn't have to wait so long for you to start :o) Okay, I'm going now.....creeping out and shutting the door...just a bit disappointed that I didn't wake you up :o)

  21. Hi Jenny,

    I visit your blog frequently, but have never commented. I just wanted to say that I love reading your day in the life of series, as well as all of your other posts. Also, I have two sons, but if we are ever blessed with a girl, I know where to order my dolls :).

    Mrs. S

  22. Hi Jenny,
    I wrote about my 14th today. It was a very knitty day.
    Cheerio, Ann.

  23. Jenny, if it's not too late, I'll join in again this month.

    New addy though...



  24. Just a note to say I didn't get a chance yesterday, and am busy today so I'm not doing it for Oct. Maybe next month.

  25. Guess I should leave you my blog address!


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