20 Sep 2008


We have had a return of wintery weather interspersed with bright sunshine and rainbows.
It must be spring.

I have been busy making dolls between housework and cooking, lots of cooking. But a simple meal tonight as we were only three, Louis, Stephen and me. Shockingly yellow cheese omelettes using some of the vast pile of eggs from the chooks and lightly sauteed onions,home grown spinach and some local Swiss Brown mushrooms.

The boys are now watching a fairly one sided football game, one sided the right way though which is lucky.

I have a couple of new blogs to share with you. One I found through Rhonda's blog,it is a French permaculture blog: La Ferme de Sourrou.
The other I found by following a link on my Live Traffic widget. It is Flutterby Patch and Eli is in the UK and has some beautiful pictures and tranquil thoughts.

The picture above is from my latest addition to my very small collection of Marcel Marlier books.


Marlier is a Belgian illustrator who was the illustrator for the Martine (Mary) series of books.
You will find some lovely things at the Martine link.





You can see more examples of his work at this Flickr group.

4 Responses to “ ”

  1. I had "Gertie" when I was a little girl and it was one of my favourites. I wonder what happened to it?


  2. The illustration in these books are lovely! So simple and peaceful but full of information. Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I have Gertie. It was my favourite book when I was little along with Heidi. I still have the books tucked away for safe keeping.


  4. Hello Jenny,

    Gertie brings back memories when I was a child. I think an Aunty of mine had it. I loved the pictures.



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