25 Sep 2008

little tousle haired sweetie

This little one is heading north too but this time just over the water to Victoria.
My camera was having an off day yesterday and then the batteries went flat so I only managed one half decent picture of her.

Up early this morning to catch up on a few jobs that have been calling to me while I've been fiddling with dolls.

I always try to get the house in order before I start working on any kind of craft or sewing job otherwise I start to feel like I'm wading through quicksand or worse.
I needed to wash the kitchen floor after too many mucky shoes came in yesterday afternoon so the best time to do it was first thing this morning while everyone was still asleep.
I set the fire first then did a thorough sweep.
Bucket filled with warm sudsy water I got down on my hands and knees and the job was done in good time.
The floors are all sanded and finished with tung oil.
They are beautifully smooth and when they are clean they feel lovely to your bare toes.
I remember when Kate was a baby and my mother-in-law came to stay to help out.
She was looking for something to do so I suggested washing the floor.
She was appalled when I said I normally do it by hand with a cloth. No way was she going to get down on her hands and knees like some poor old Sadie.
Half way round with the mop she decided to give my way a try.
She loved the result and I dare say the exercise was good for her too.
Funny, isn't it.
She thought that cleaning a floor on her hands and knees was degrading and linked it with the subjugation of women, I saw it as the best way of getting the floor clean and had no connection with women's rights.
After all Stephen had always cleaned the floor that way as well.
A generational difference of opinion I think.

The floor done I fussed around making the kitchen sparkle and then settled down to my fresh coffee beside the kitchen fire as I went through the day ahead in my trusty notebook.

Mum is coming round soon to collect some eggs , Louis is home unwell, I am going in to town this afternoon to return library books, meet Kate after school and go to the material shop for a few supplies.

Happy day to you.

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  1. sounds like a great day. what kind of cloth do you use? and do you make your own cleaner? what do you put in it? i'd love to give this way of cleaning a try ... even though it's just the kitchen floor in my city apartment. i have a vinyl floor but i'm sure the same gentle cleaner would do the trick. i'd love to hear the more detailed process sometime, if you don't mind!

  2. Jenny, we have tung oiled floorboards too and found out the hard way that heavy mopping makes them lost their natural shine.

    Like your MIL, I had a bridge to get over regarding getting down on my hands and knees and cleaning the grotty bits. But you're 100% right - it's easier and the result is better.

    BTW: I really enjoyed your previous confessional post on being a dollmaker. It's a vocation; a calling even. I think the knowledge you are just where you are meant to be is a freedom and a joy.

    Sincerely as ever, Lisa x

  3. Count me in among the folks who gets down on her knees. i was just thinking that I wish I had the energy and time to take up all the rugs and wash throughout before winter comes.

  4. I love reading about your days! You inspire me. I drop in often. Thanks for commenting on my new blog. Not much to it right now but maybe I will get the blogging bug soon. Have a great weekend, De


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