16 Sep 2008


What I am really loving and appreciating at the moment is that the little packet of lettuce seeds that Kate planted months ago happily provides us with fresh yummy lettuce leaves, morning, noon and night. I'm also completely in love with our hens who seem set on breaking all egg laying records and give us eggs with the most magnificent bright yellow yolks.

Can you live on just lettuce and eggs... almost.

5 Responses to “Sufficient.”

  1. I have such fond memories of hens in our backyard in our country home when I was a child.

    My memories of the rooster are a little more traumatic. :)

  2. Hi Jenny :) What a sweet, joyful post! Have a lovely day, Q

  3. Jenny, I would like to live on eggs and lettuce! What a great combination to come fresh each day from the backyard. Happy Spring.

  4. I would love to eat my Nana's egg and lettuce salad, she mashed the eggs and made them into an instant dressing. She lived on her homegrown food, plus flour and sugar etc. for her baking.

  5. I'm not sure if this is universal, but over here it's quite common to eat a hardboiled egg cut up through the salad or spinach. It's delicious!



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