Snow Day

8 Sep 2008


Today we set of for the Central Plateau.

We had hopes of seeing the last of the snow and absorbing some of the freshness and quiet of the high country.


We found a couple of tiny pockets of snow which kept Kate and the boys amused for quite some time.


I think their hands are a little cold.


We had a good hot lunch at the Great Lake Hotel surrounded by deer heads.



I just love the soft colours of the highland plants especially the silvery greys, mauves and the purples and yellows.


I also love the jewel greens of the moss and the wonderful soft greens of the lichen



Stephen enjoyed explaining various geographical facts to Andy


and Kate.

The day started out a bit rocky with half the family wanting to stay home and the other half wanting to escape to the hills.

Everyone was good humoured about it but the day was saved by finding that wonderful snow.
The highlands have had heavy snowfalls this year but we didn't expect to find anything today.
It's amazing how that tiny bit of snow brought so much childlike joy to two teenage boys and happiness to a little girl who thought that all hope of touching snow this year had passed.


So tomorrow will be spent at home , working in the garden and enjoying the freshness and peace of our own little cottage.

15 Responses to “Snow Day”

  1. It's a good reminder that once you get the teens out, they often have fun! Looks like a nice day. I love getting up into higher altitudes.

  2. Hi Jenny
    What a wonderful day out with the family. It must have been invigorating to be outside in the fresh air & taking in the wonderful scenery.
    Love the cute doll with her red cardigan.

  3. It still feels cold and Winterish here. Lovely.

  4. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing your wonderful outing. Looks like it was great fun for all..

    Blessings, Shelley

  5. What a fun day. I love the picture of the moss. I am very fond of moss. :)
    Have a great day,

  6. Thank you for these pictures.
    It`s so far away but I doesn`t feel so .

  7. Dear Jenny,
    Wow those photos are lovely so clear and crisp rather like the weather and the snow I should imagine! What camera do you use, is it a digital one? Kerry.

  8. Hi Kerry, thanks for the compliments on my very basic photography skills. I have a very small and simple Olympus camera, only 5.1 megapixels. I am very grateful to have it and love using it although I have been looking longingly at more superduper cameras. I think the wonderful light of the highlands makes it easy to get clear crisp pictures.

  9. Hi Sarah, it was only one teen who didn't want to go away yesterday, the other desenter was Stephen who had planned a morning of quiet reading in the sunshine followed by an afternoon of gardening.

  10. what is considered "cold" where you are? (degrees fahrenheit please) .... i bet we americans would be running around there in tank tops and shorts ... but maybe not. i don't know! also what are "holidays?" is that winter break?

    thanks for the cultural clarifications! by the way that doll with the red sweater is completely lovely!

  11. I've enjoyed my visit here this evening. My favorite photo was of the highland plants. Beautiful!

  12. Here's a good word for what you're doing "Staycation"

  13. Hi Karen, the temperature up on the highlands yesterday was around 3 Celsius, that's about 37 Fahrenheit. It wasn't windy so it was quite mild really but cold in the shade and with your hands in snow without gloves.

    The holidays at the moment are the school holidays between the second and third ( final) school term. Our school year begins in February and ends in December, the children move up to a new class with the new year.

  14. How beautiful. Gorgeous landscape pictures!!

  15. A bit of snow is well worth travelling to find.

    There isn't any to be found in my state!


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