More about the Shawl.

18 Sep 2008


Some readers wanted to know about the pattern for the baby shawl I talked about yesterday.
I have looked through all my patterns and I can't find it, I have the feeling I tore it out of a magazine.

Anyway I had a look through Ravelry and BINGO, there it was.
It is Debbie Bliss pattern from her Essential Baby book. That book is quite recent I think and I started knitting my shawl 11 years ago. So I don't know if Debbie designed the version I made or not, but it is the same.

I found a place in the UK, Laughing Hens and one in Australia, the Wool Shack who supply kits for the shawl. I'm sure many libraries would have the Debbie Bliss book.
I used Patons 4ply baby wool for mine and it has worn very well. The Debbie Bliss pattern calls for Baby Cashmerino which definitely wasn't available in Launceston in 1997.

My Auntie didn't use a pattern for the crocheted border she just did it. My crochet knowledge is very limited so I can't tell you what combination of stitches she used.

I found a few pictures on Flickr too. Isn't the internet amazing

5 Responses to “More about the Shawl.”

  1. Hi dear Jen, the shawl is very sweet,and so special that it warmed your babes.My mother crocheted blankets for many of her grandbabies,and I have followed her example for my own.There is nothing like the handmade items. Store bought does'nt even come close in my opinion. The hands that held the piece and the love that goes into creating it is what makes the exception...

    Blessings, Shelley

  2. Thanks so very much for the shawl info. Sorry you had to spend time searching. I'm off to buy the book.

  3. Good evening Jenny
    What a beautiful shawl you have lovingly created. It will be cherished as it is passed onto the next generation.
    I have kept the baby blanket that my Mum knitted for our first child and then it was used again for our second child.

  4. Hi Jenny, Many thanks for your kind comments about my blog. I think we have a mutual appreciation society going on as I love your blog also, some days it is like a breath of fresh air. Happiness to you all, Eli

  5. The shawl is so darling. I wish I could knit. Oh, well guess I will have to stick with my crocheting for now.


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