The Miracle of a Plum Blossom

23 Sep 2008


"...she looked at the flower face to face.
The six white petals were like sails of a small ship, exactly the size for a child to sail away in upon the sea of peace.
They were exquisitely shaped, beautifully shadowed, and veined with light, and a fragrance drifted from them that was the scent of the grey peace.
The group of long silvery stamens tipped with gold, rising from the delicate green heart of the flower, were like an angel's crown.
She could look deep into the heart, down into a green cavern of refreshment.
It was like drinking cold water when you are thirsty.
Beyond the flowers light shone through the silk curtains of the green leaves, and beyond them was depth beyond depth of peace."

from The Rosemary Tree by Elizabeth Goudge


Love this book.

The blossom of our D'Agen Plum, the perfect pollination mate for our prolific Greengage plum.

3 Responses to “The Miracle of a Plum Blossom”

  1. You have such a lovely, picturesque blog :-)

  2. Lovely picture, and The Rosemary Tree is one of my very favourite books, and is set very close to my parents' house, so I think of it every time I go there.

  3. I love Elizabeth Goudge's books. My mama lends me hers and is also slowly filling my bookshelves with my own copies. There is nothing quite like the first time reading through one of them, though I love to re-read them. Right now I am reading The Castle on the Hill. For the first time. :)

    The Plum Blossoms are lovely!


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