Maggie in the sun

4 Sep 2008


If you were a very pretty cat where else would you sleep


but in the spotlight.


Maggie has mastered the fine art of sleeping while sitting up to make the most of the little bit of warmth left from last night's fire and the long searching rays from the early morning's sun.

5 Responses to “Maggie in the sun”

  1. What a magnificent feline! I envy cats for their ability to find the coziest spots to nap.

  2. I read somewhere once that if you wanted to know the warmest place in your house or garden, watch where the cat goes to sleep. My cat likes to sleep on my bed during the day.
    cheers Kate

  3. Oh this post feels lovely and relaxing, cats sure know how to live comfortably. Fires are great. They are special inside and outside the house.

  4. How cute! I've never known a cat to sleep sitting up! :o)

  5. Hi Martha, both Maggie and her daughter Shackleton often sleep sitting up, stretched up tall. very funny.


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