The Doll

8 Sep 2008


"The little girl expects no declaration of tenderness from the doll.

She loves it, and that's all.

It is thus we should love."

Remy de Gourmont

7 Responses to “The Doll”

  1. We have one of yours very very sweet. The quote you used is so very true...and I remember feeling that way about my dolls as a child. Still do!! *LOL*

  2. I do marvel at the way these dolls are made, they are a real art and skill. She is lovely.

  3. I love the colors of her sweater and how beautifully it goes with the fabric for her dress. Some little girl will be very lucky!

  4. That is the cutest doll I have ever seen!

  5. What a sweet little one! I have just received some exciting news. My sister is expecting and it will be a GIRL. (The first in our family after ten boys!) I can just see her enjoying one of your dear dollies and will be on the look out for just the right one. :-)


  6. So gentle and pretty, the colours blend nicely.


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