Life is Good

17 Sep 2008


Can't tell you how much I am enjoying life at the moment.

Life seems to just be flowing and there is a wonderful peace and happiness all around.

Caring for my family and home

Making dolls

Tinkering in the garden


Loving the chooks and Charlie the duck.



I did so so much washing today, everything that wasn't tied down or already being worn , was washed, hung out to dry and has now been folded and put away, smelling so deliciously of Spring.


Kate and Andy are still on holidays and it's lovely to have their company through the day, they are nice people if I do say so myself.


Some time ago there was a comment left about the afghan that is on the back of the chair in my bedroom.

It is something very special.

Sunny corner for morning tea and some knitting

It is the baby shawl I made for Kate when she was a baby.

When Louis, my eldest child, was born I used the shawl that my mother had used for her babies.
My new little one was wrapped in the shawl to be brought home from hospital and it was used many times in the first year of his life to keep him cosy and snug.

It was carefully washed and stored away ready for my next little one, Andy.

Two years after Andrew's birth my sister had her first child, Matthew and the the shawl was passed on to her.

When I found I was pregnant again, by chance my sister was also pregnant and her baby was due within weeks of my own.
Rather than have a tussle over the shawl I decided to make my own.


It took such a long time to knit, about seven and a half months, then it was handed on to my auntie who did the crocheted border for me.
She finished just in time for Kate's wonderful birth.

The shawl was used on Kate cradle and also as an extra blanket on her cot.

It is a such a lovely thing and so special to me that I keep it on my chair.
That way I can appreciate the love in it every time I look at it.


14 Responses to “Life is Good”

  1. It is beautiful. And imagine how special when Kate's own babies are snuggled up in it. Joint projects like that so sentimental...

  2. I loved reading the story of your quilt, Jenny. I received a used and much loved hand-crocheted baby blanket for our expected little girl not long ago, and it's so treasured! I linked to this post.

  3. Hello! I'm new to the blog (forgive me if I've missed certain posts), but could you direct me to some resources on how to make the dolls you've shown above? They look adorable!

  4. It's a good idea to leave the blanket out where you can enjoy it daily. So many times we pack these treasures away and only see them when we do a major housecleaning. I gave you a Blue Ribbon Award today on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog daily. Thank you!

  5. The baby shawl is beautiful! Do you happen to know the name of the pattern? It looks so soft and delicate while still being sturdy enough to be quite functional. A real treasure.

  6. Not only is it beautiful. It has a beautiful story that is attached to it. It's a beautiful pattern, adn I love your aunties border, it compliments it so well. I love the idea of heirlooms, old ones, & the new ones that mark our lives.
    Glad that today is good, may your spring days continue to sparkle.

  7. Hi Katie,click on how to make a doll in the subject list and you will find some help.

  8. Hi Paula, thanks so much for the award and your lovely words.

  9. Lovely post Jenny, what a wonderful way to feel.

    cheers Kate

  10. What a lovely story behind the pretty shawl. All the best heirlooms have a story behind them. I'm so glad you're enjoying life, I love those moments of joy and contentment.

  11. That is a beautiful story, and a beautiful afghan! Will you pass it on to Kate if and when she will become a mother?


  12. "Kate and Andy are still on holidays and it's lovely to have their company through the day, they are nice people if I do say so myself."

    What a wonderful thing to say about your children! My children are grown, but I did and do feel the same way. They are now my best friends!

  13. Beautiful and good life!
    Love the baby shawl. Reminds me of a darling baby sweater and bonnet my grandbaby received from a friend who crochets. Priceless!


  14. hello jenny, i just found your blog and wanted to tell you i've enjoyed it so much. i plan to spend more time, when i have the time! to look around. have a lovely day!
    x lori


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