24 Sep 2008

I have just passed another milestone in my life.
Although I have been making dolls for eleven years, I have now reached the point where I know that I am, in fact, a dollmaker, it is part of what defines Jenny and I will run my micro mini tiny little business my way.

I have come to realise that I don't want to make dolls wholesale for businesses that want dolls made to suit their colour scheme, that's their right to have the stock they want and it's my right to decline.

I am happy to make a few dolls wholesale for people who are happy to accept whatever I create and respect my right as an artisan to follow my creative heart.

I enjoy selling directly to people through my online store, I can make what I want when I want to fill my little shop with my version of goodness.

I enjoy working with people who want me to make a doll for their child or grandchild or niece or nephew.
I especially love to see pictures of my dolls being loved by these little ones or have letters that tell me how muc
h the doll is loved.

bound for Victoria 1

I enjoy being able to craft my dolls in the warmth and comfort and inspiration of my own

I enjoy being able to make a little money from my craft and still be able to care for my home and family the way I want to and the way they deserve.

I love being in charge of my time and day to use it the way that best suits me and my family.

I love the flexibility and unexpectedness of my life.

I love the comforting rhythm and flow of my life.

I am grateful that I have a husband who is willing to go out to work to financially support our family and home.

I'm grateful for being born with commonsense and for being raised by parents with commonsense so that running a home, keeping in our budget and enjoying life come easily though are not without hard work and some sacrifice.

I am grateful for the God given talents that I have to work with my hands and that I have been encouraged and admired for my efforts.

I'm grateful for the joy I feel when I am making dolls or clothes, when I'm knitting or sewing, when I'm cooking, baking, working in the garden.

I know I don't want a super dollmaking empire with others working for me making my designs, I know I am happy doing what I do, making original dolls, each one with its own personality.

I do want to be able to sell my dolls partly
because when someone buys one of my dolls I know they enjoy my work, it's a nod of approval, but also I really like the thought that another little child or even an adult will feel the love and sweetness that shows itself in each of these sweet simple dolls and it might touch some special place in their heart and they will know the warmth and reassurance of simple, uncomplicated love.

I am eternally grateful for the way my dollmaking helps to bring a peace and creativity to our home, that the little pockets of this and that inhabiting our home, the materials I need to make my dolls, mean that there is always an air of expectation in the house, an imagining of what new treasures will be made, and a softness too, the softness of white washed fluffy wool fleece, gently coloured yarns for hair, clean pressed cottons ready to be made into sweet little playclothes.

I am eternally grateful for the world of friends and kindred spirits that these little, gentle dolls opened up for me, the people they have led me to and the places in my own heart that have been touched by the gentle world of these simple handmade cloth dolls.

In my own way I am making a tribute to the gentle, simple love of children; to the sweet, the energetic,the eyes full of wonder, the joy, the wisdom, the imagination of childhood that must be cherished, respected and protected as the one of the greatest and most wondrous treasures we have in this world.

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  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt gratitude this post is Jenny. It's so lovely to read your acknowledgement, honesty about your abilities and gratitude for your skills. So often what we see, hear and read is critical or negative and sometimes I think people are afraid to admit their strengths, but this was wonderful. So positive and refreshing, your joy at what you do and how you live your life is evident in this post and it made me feel so hopeful.
    Hazel is still enjoying a special place in my room surrounded by books that are special to me and trinkets made by the children for me. She is often hugged by myself and the girls when we are passing by. So although not played with still very precious and loved. Thank you

    cheers Kate

  2. So beatuifully written, as a reader I can feal your thankfullness and contentment in your life...

  3. Personally, I must say I understand you 100%, Jenny. Leisurely making dolls in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your children, cats, chickens and duck seems so much more fun than assembly line production!

  4. I feel like you that the personal touch that your work shows, and to see the detail and care taken into making each doll. Your one to one contact with those who buy your work, could be lost in the vast demands of a wholesale climate.
    You have made your own little corner work for you in your own way, with hundreds of followers who wait with our eyes wide to see what little gem you make next. Julie

  5. Jenny, the way you make your dolls, and how you feel about them, reflects your integrity. It is right and it is proper. It is wonderful that you make something that many people find beautiful. Here's a quote which reminds me of your post. It's from "Good Neighbours" by Walter Rose and is about the lace-makers in his village.

    "...it seemed reward enough when lovers of the beautiful bent over the pillow and examined the delicacy of the work, for then they knew the joy that is always felt when two kindred loves fuse in a common object."

    Your dolls are like that "two kindred loves" (yours and the dolls owner) fusing in a common object, bringing joy. It's a gift.

  6. Dear Jenny,
    You have put into word my exact feelings. An you are a true artist.
    I am making and selling dolls but although the money piece is necessary at this time I do it because I love it.
    Thanks for your inspiration. Jan

  7. Hi Jen,straight from the heart! A wonderful post and testimony of your God given talent. Your dolls are truly a refeltion of your home and life. Thanks for sharing this loving post. Just another reason why I love coming to visit with you.

    Blessings, Shelley

  8. In this day of mass produced everything you are a breath of fresh air!!

    I think you have captured the essence of family and motherhood in a way too many of us are too busy to notice.

    You keep me grounded by reading your posts I take the time to enjoy the everyday things that make up our families and our life.

  9. Beautiful post Jenny! You are such an inspiration.

    Thank you,

  10. Ah Jenny...wonderful words again...in a world of high-tech, money-grabbing, selfish hearts, your sweet, gentle dolls are an oasis of loveliness. As is your blog.

    Much love,
    Tina :)

  11. I just randomly popped in and am so glad I did. Your post touched a part of my soul and is so eloquently expressed! Thank you for sharing!

  12. No wonder each doll is so lovely~look at its maker!

  13. as a teacher of wee ones, who sees every day the miracles they are capable of (we so often underestimate them!), i appreciate and love this post dearly. thank you for echoing the sentiments of my own heart toward life. i hope to live much as you do when i am older and my gogogo passion settles down a bit (i'm almost 29).

  14. How wonderful Jenny to 'hear' the joy that you have in creating your beautiful dolls and that you are doing so on your own terms. Also I think your contentment with how your life is panning out shows in the affection & joy you have for your family.

  15. Your sweet little dolls mirror your every word Jenny. Beautifully written, it brought a tear to my eye. Eli


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