Honey Glow

10 Sep 2008


Full days, glorious sunshine and those wonderful smells of spring all through the house.

Windows thrown open, so much sweet singing of hidden little birds doing their spring thing in the trees.

I dare you to be able to ignore the impulse to get up and get moving, start something new, tidy some winter forgotten corner as the sun stretches into every nook and cranny reminding you to dust, polish, remove excess to make way for the honey glow of clear wooden surfaces in the new sun.


Tiny seeds put into a chocolaty bed of fine soil; cucumbers, butter beans, beetroot, tomatoes.
Safe in their little makeshift glasshouse until they are big enough for a bigger bed and the threat of frosts is passed.


A big fat Farmhouse Sultana Cake.
Stephen's specialty, it's always too dry when I make it but I think I might have defeated that jinx this time.
We have so many gorgeous fresh eggs at the moment that instead of the usual one egg I added a second just for good measure and, hey presto, a moist wholesome cake.
I can barely keep up with the eggs at the moment but they make a nice gift for chickenless homes.


All those plants that just take care of themselves are dusting themselves off, drinking up the sunny goodness and popping up all over the place; mint, forget me nots, sweet Alice, violets.
I love plants that need nothing from me but to be left to peacefully go about their business.


And , of course, it's still cold enough morning and night to knit and be happy.
Those little Santas might be trying to give me the hint that it is well and truly time to get knitting and stitching for Christmas.

12 Responses to “Honey Glow”

  1. I can tell you're really enjoying your Spring at the moment Jenny. It's such a good time of year, and sometimes it's arrival just smacks you in the face. Hurrah! It's Spring (for you anyway)!

  2. Ah what a sweet tonic for me to read about Springtime...my favourite time of year. I'm so glad for you that it is now your turn to enjoy fresh sunshine and new growth. As we snuggle down into Autumn, it refreshes my soul to see others enjoying the wonders of Spring.

    love, Tina :)

  3. It is so nice to read your blog every day. Amazing that you are having Spring and here in ths U.S. we are getting ready for Fall.

  4. Spring is always an inspring time of the year new growth, starting new things.

    I always enjoy your photos and wonder two things.

    What type of camera do you have?

    And how do you get your photos in the larger size?

  5. I'm loving the beginning of Spring too.

    Can I just ask though about your knitting needles. I usually buy the grey metal Birch needles because the yarn slides nicely on the needles. A lot of yours in that picture look wooden. If that's the case, is there a reason you prefer those to the metal?

  6. Looks like a smiling jack o' lantern bread :) Beautiful photos! I am new here and really like it!

  7. Such a relaxing and poetic post. Thankyou for sharing. What lovely photos. Love the flowers and the little petite ones.

  8. Love all your pictures of the flowers!! Enjoy your spring feelings!


  9. Hi Jenny spring is the best time of year for me to new beginnings. Here in the UK we are coming to the end of our summer. I can smell that cake from here.

  10. Hi Christy, I have sent you an email to answer your question.

  11. Hi Tracy, I use a variety of knitting needles depending on what I am knitting and how I feel. I have a lot of old needles that are think are celluloid and I like using those. Sometimes the metal needles make my wrists ache so I tend to swap around.I find the wooden needles tend to be too slippery if I am knitting with cotton but are very comfortable with wool especially fine wool. Really, often I just grab whatever comes to hand first. Many of my needles are op shop finds and I buy them because I like to have a good range of sizes and types.

  12. Thank you so much Jenny. I'll have to keep an eye out in the op shops. My daughter has had two pairs of plastic needles given to her and they are absolutely awful. The yarn squeaks on them and it doesn't slide nicely. It was my first realisation that perhaps all needles are not equal!


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