Friday Treats.

12 Sep 2008


A little Friday joy - a trip to the op shop with Stephen and Kate, the big op shop.

I was lucky enough to find five large glass jars, I've been looking forever and today was my lucky day.
I like to store things in glass or china if I can but large glass jars are hard to find.
These were only 50cents each and came with lids, another bonus.

They hold about 750g of lentils or barley or split peas so they are a handy size.
I love the way they look on the shelf.


Kate found a treasure as well, a Bradley doll.


The aqua one belonged to my sister and has ended up at our house.
You have no idea how much I wanted one of these dolls when I was a girl, about Kate's age.
I couldn't believe it when my sister got one instead of me.
Now Kate has this green one and is dreaming of finding more.
They remind me of
Anime, the Japanese style of animation that seems so popular now.
Do you remember
Kimba , the White Lion?
I loved that show.

17 Responses to “Friday Treats.”

  1. I've been reading through your blog posts, starting with the oldest. I just finished "Plain and Simple" from 2006 and I feel almost teary. The tone of your blog is perfect for me--simple but cozy, uncomplicated but abundant. I've taken permission from your blog to enjoy the coziness and luxury of homemaking without the culture of shopping and waste and snazzy interior decorating that is so prevalent where I live. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I love those glass jars! I am looking for some too!

  3. Good evening Jenny
    What treasures you & Kate have found. Isn't great when you have been on the lookout for a particular item then one day the hunt is over, and your treasure takes pride of place in your home.
    I had a day off work today and spent my day spring cleaning...I don't know which is better..having a good clean up or the pleasure of knowing it has been done!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Lucky! I have yet to find any treasures at the thrift stores around here...ours just aren't that good. I love to see al the treasures you find. I'm always so impressed!!! :o)

  5. I have to admit I'm an anime fan even thought I'm pretty conservative. I started watching some of it with my son when he was younger so I'd help him filter out eastern religious thought in it.

    I love those dolls because the one thing Christopher and I have laughed about over the years were the HUGE eyes the anime characters have!

    Those are great jars, too.

  6. Great finds Jenny...loved the jars!

    love, Tina :)

  7. Hi Jenny :) I agree with you about those glass jars filled with color on your shelf - just delightful!

    I have been visiting your shoppe looking at your dear dolls. I want so VERY much to give my sweeties a doll that you have made (Miss M is 6, and Little Miss I is 3 mos). One of these days soon, I hope :) Until then, I will look and enjoy. They are so precious!

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend! Love, Q

  8. Oh I loved Kimba the white lion! I had forgotten all about it.

  9. I remember Kimba... I wasn't allowed to watch it because I always got too upset, thinking that Kimba was going to die.

    cheers kate

  10. I love Bradley dolls. Have you seen the vintage ones by Herman Pecker? They're also called pose dolls from Japan.

  11. Wow! What a blast from the past. I, too, was desperate to own one of those dolls when I was a girl (even though I secretly thought them quite ugly) I remember visiting a girl from my class whose parents owned a gift shop and the amazement I felt that she had 10 of them!

  12. Kimba totally was the best!! I used to watch that every day as a kid and I cried when he lost his mother. You scored some great stuff!

  13. I love Kimba, it takes me back to when Adventure Island and the Banana Splits were on TV

  14. Oh my gosh... I had a doll like that. Totally forgot all about it. Mine had a burgandy dress. Wow!!

    Love those jars. They look beautiful on your shelf.


  15. I wish I still had my doll. She was so beautiful and lady-like but didn't suit my teenage years so I don't know where she ended up.

    If you are hosting the 'A Day in My Life' tomorrow, I will be in it.

    Have a great day.

  16. Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I have been coming here for a while now, but decided today that I should write and let you know how much I appreciate your blog. I love your beautiful pictures and your love of simplicity.
    I too love the look of foodstuffs in glass -in fact, I have set myself a challenge of eventually have a plastic-free kitchen!
    Yes, I loved Kimba too!

    Meet me at my blog:

  17. Oh I used to have so many of those dolls when I was a child! I had a large collection of dolls and I probably had 5 or 6 of those dolls. I loved their bendy fingers. I had one that had a music box base even.


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