Forecast - rain

1 Sep 2008


The morning has been spent doing the things that make Monday morning.
An oh so delicious sleep-in until 7am almost meant disaster but I had a plan in mind and quickly put together some Anzac biscuits to bake for school lunches and some fruit scones for breakfast, a nice treat on a dark rainy morning.


Everyone off to school and work and I settled in to finish baking another tray of anzacs and some Russian slice, a League of Nations baking session which should have been done yesterday but I was sidetracked by some good reading and a visit from Mum.

Most of my morning has been spent in the kitchen, the fire is burning cosily and the rain is hammering down outside making the house dark and shadowy.
Hanging out in the warm kitchen attending to the washing up, the floor sweeping,the coffee drinking seemed like the friendliest place to be.


Woolly jumpers have been hand washed and hung to dry above the fire, bills have been paid and some phone calls attended to.
My journal has been scribbled in helping me get an idea of the week ahead.


The chooks are hiding out in the chookhouse and Charlie the duck is shouting loudly for someone to enjoy the rain with her.
She'll have to go solo today , one dash outside to the laundry had me soaked to the skin.


Lunch of some leftover potatoes from last night gently sauteed in butter and plopped on some fresh cos lettuce picked at breakfast time along with a grating of cheese and some black pepper makes an easy lunch.

I have the front fire alight now too and a half hour of knitting planned before I move onto finishing off some dolls.

Today we opened the last batch of apricots , stewed then frozen last summer, the last piece of summer hiding at the back of the freezer.
Time for blossoms and the promise of more summery deliciousness.

home grown apricots

No new photos today, it's too dark.
I have trawled through the archives instead.

7 Responses to “Forecast - rain”

  1. I love the top three photos, they look so lovely and warm. Super homely friendly. The cold weather does need some lovely warm explaining for the inside. Its cold here too in country Victoria, even though its the first day of spring.

  2. What a lovely morning! And you have the picture of my favorite again, the pink quilt. :-) One thing though: I've always learnt that you shouldn't hang wet wool because it changes shape, but instead lay it flat. Doesn't that happen with the jumpers you have above the fire?

    Christine from the NL

  3. Hi Christine, I usually hand wash my knitwear and then give it a gentle spin dry in the washing machine. Unless it is very delicate or very heavy wool or a very loose knit I find it's OK to dry it hanging over a line.

  4. We're getting to wool sweater weather here in the States soon, a nip in the air but not quite cold enough yet. I love taking the handmades out for a good airing about now:-)

  5. Hi Jenny, you've captured exactly what I day-dream about when Im at my desk at work - rainy day at home, kettle on, knitting beckoning, something baking, washing machine going, etc. Thanks for sharing your morning with us. Sounds like heaven to me.

  6. A sleep in until 7 AM?.. You make me feel guilty... ;-) I won't even admit when I get up! Then again, I don't have children yet (except for this little one tucked away in my tummy), and my husband starts work late.

  7. Sounds like a lovely day. I've always liked the photo of your woollies hanging over the woodburner to dry.


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