Father's Day

7 Sep 2008


Happy Father's Day.

Sent home from Mum and Dad's with a doggie bag of chocolate sponge, Mum's specialty.

We thought it was just going to be us and Mum and Dad for lunch, cooked by Mum but my sister and my brother and my sister in law and my niece were there too.

So a noisy happy lunch interrupted by a football final, it's Father's day after all, King for a Day.

Easy tea of toasted sandwiches and perhaps some of that cake.

Nice start to the holidays.

4 Responses to “Father's Day”

  1. Hi Jenny, that cake looks delicious! I could just do with a slice of that and a nice cup of tea in the garden. Sadly though it is raining here,so it will have to be in my'sun room.' Sounds like a classic Tasha Tudor moment and the ceremony of afternoon tea. Have added more to my blog re: the dolls house, joy oh joy! Kerry.

  2. The chocolate sponge looks yummy. I'm glad you all had such a good day.

  3. The cake looks wonderful, I hope it was a great day.

  4. That cake looks lovely! How funny you have Father's Day now. Over here, it's in June.

    Christine from the NL


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