A Day in My Life

14 Sep 2008


I woke to a sweet, sweet morning, so many birds happily chirping trying to wake the sun.

The softest rain was falling and I was the only one out of bed, me and the birds and the cats.


I spent the first hour of the morning quietly reading as the rain gradually fell more steadily. I've been re reading Edith Schaeffer's "What is a Family?". Good inspirational reading.

Around 7 I checked my emails, Kate's pincushion in the Etsy shop had sold. So exciting.
Added some new names to the list of Lifers and then began fiddling around with some dolls.
Kate was up at 8 and after telling her the good news I got dressed and lit the fire, had a coffee and then headed down to the bakery to get some croissants. I stopped in at the supermarket as well and bought some very non local, Northern Territory mangoes. Breakfast today was a special treat for Stephen as today was the last day of his holidays.

We ate breakfast late and it was a feast: yoghurt,kiwi fruit, mango, granola, croissants, jams,freshly made apple juice and good coffee.


The chooks and Charlie spent the day cruising the garden looking for snails and slugs. whenever the rain became too heavy they headed for the woodshed, except Charlie who found her own little puddle and waited for the whimpy chooks to brave the weather again.


After breakfast we spent most of the morning sloping around in the loungeroom, it was raining on and off and so we were cosy and relaxed and snuggly.


It's only a small room but well used.


The boys and Kate played some crazy dice game, Stephen was reading and I was knitting and reading .
I was also on the computer for a while sorting out a new doll order for a sweet little boy in Sydney.


Lunch was left over lamb and barley broth from last night plus cheese and crackers and the ever popular prunes.
All my kids love prunes, you just have to know when to stop.

Stephen and Andy spent the afternoon renovating a small chest of drawers for me so that I have somewhere to put all my little bits and pieces that continually threaten to take over my work table.

Louis once again tackled his Uni course decisions and Kate went through her bedroom, decluttering .
It was her idea.
She was expecting a friend to visit and stay the night but it has been postponed so she got to work on her room instead, good girl.


I spent most of the afternoon making some more doll bodies.
As soon as I left my table though Maggie jumped up to do some sun bathing under my lamp. She does it all the time if I forget to turn the lamp off.

Kate and I did indulge ourselves with an episode of the Waltons later in the afternoon and the boys went off for a game of tennis.

After the Waltons I started getting dinner eady. We had roast chicken and vegies. I made some ice cream too but it wasn't quite ready so for dessert we had lemon coconut squares with our coffee.

The family are watching Dr Who now, it's almost over and I have almost finished here.
I hope you had a great Day in Your Life.
I'll pop round to visit as soon as I can.

Happy day to everyone who has taken part this month and to everyone who loves to click around and read everyone's Day in My Life posts.

36 Responses to “A Day in My Life”

  1. Jenny, my 8 yr old daughter read me this old rhyme today, from 'The Book of a Thousand Poems' - I wonder if you know it?

    Cock Robin got up early
    At the break of day,
    And went to Jenny's window
    To sing a roundelay,
    He sang Cock Robin's love
    To the little Jenny Wren,
    And when he got unto the end,
    Then he began again.

    Wishing you a happy Monday,


  2. I love your 'well used' room. And that girl of yours, she's a beauty.
    My 14th has just started and I am hearing ducks and chickens carrying on wanting me to get moving and feed them and here I am just reading and writing! Cheers. Jan

  3. What a wonderful family you have, and a lovely home. My cat has followed me around today and as soon as I sit down she is on my knee. It reminds me of when the children were little.

    cheers Kate

  4. As always, it's lovely to read about your day!

  5. your day sounded lovely. Very relaxing, your breakfast looked lovely. I have posted my day.

  6. Sounds like a lovely day Jenny. I love the photo of the two cats snuggling under blanket. Too cute.


  7. what a great post, jenny. so cozy. i am working on making my blog warmer. thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. Hi Jenny,

    What a lovely day you had. Definitely a great day for staying cosy inside. Your breakfast table to oh, so inviting (a lot better than mine did today).


  9. You had a nice day and Kate must be very happy I think.

  10. Your days always sound so lovely. I love the photo of the cat sunning herself under the lamp. We had a cat that looked very much like her. She liked to roam so much that we rehomed her to a family in the country with lots of property for her to enjoy herself on.

  11. what a lovely day you had!

    we had a very hot day, but other than that, it was lovely too.

    I've posted my ADIML post!

  12. Jenny, I have had to impose a 5 prunes per day rule here! There's one baby and one 4 year old who would eat the whole packet (to their ruin) were there no rules.

    I love your well used but small room. Do you wonder, as I do, what people do in their gigantic houses with 3 bathrooms? I suspect they're all trying to steer clear of each other!

    Lisa x

  13. Jenny, as much as I love hearing about your tranquil days, you know what I love most? Seeing pictures of your beautiful plates! I love that they don't match and that allows a person to appreciate the beauty that each one is on its own.

  14. "The Waltons" and prunes. You and I have so much in common. I'm not kidding. I love French prunes, you're right, you just have to know when to stop, I even put prune syrup in brownies. Very good. Oh, and "The Waltons", I have loved it since I was a kid, much more than "Little House on the Prairie".

    PS. There is nothing wrong with wholesome family viewing and regular bowels. The world needs more of both, in my opinion.

  15. Hi Jo, I hadn't read that poem before so thank you.

  16. Hi Jan, she certainly is a beauty , in nature and looks.

  17. Hi Kate, I love it when the cats are super cuddly and need your company. I'll answer you email soon I promise.

  18. Hi Anna, I hope things are going well for you.

  19. Hi Hill upon Hill, breakfast doesn't look like that every day, it was a special one . It was yummy though.

  20. Hi Maria, those two cats have been snuggling a lot lately.

  21. Hi Libby, it was definitely a stay inside and be cosy day.

  22. Hi Angelika, Kate is a very happy caring child.

  23. Hi Tammy, how could you bear to give up your cat.

  24. Hi Lisa, yes, Kate and I were discussing that subject last week when we went for a walk past some giant new houses for small families and then we passed family houses from the 1960s that were half the size. Crazy.

  25. Hi Tracy, I love my pretty mismatched plates too. I'm glad they make you happy.

  26. Hi Natalie, I quite agree, if more people had regular doses of wholesome family viewing and delicious prunes the world might be a better place.
    I always preferred The Waltons to Little House as well but it was a struggle to ever see either of them as they filled my brother with such a strong desire to turn the TV off.

  27. Good evening Jenny
    Your Sunday sound just right..slow & sweet.
    To Kate, Your mushroom pincushion is just so cute, well done.

  28. Loved sharing in your day. Thank-you, JAM. I was hoping to give it a whirl, too, but time up and ran ahead of me (hmmm, how does that happen?). Maybe next time...I hope :o) Do please give that sweet young maiden with the angelic face a hug and kiss from her old pal, Jewels, would you? A hug and a kiss to you, too Smiling Eyes ;o) Lovingly, Jewels...who's hopin' to get back over the next few days to read a bit of the other days shared, too.

  29. Hi Jenny McH, It was such a lovely day, as you say sweet and slow.

  30. Hey JAR, long time no see. I'll make sure to give Kate your hug and kiss and a great big hug from me to you too, Miss Crinkly Eyes.

  31. Hello Jenny,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful day and pictures!
    Here is my link for my "Day in My Life" post. I am a little late and my journal for that day is a bit wild! We had a very strong storm come through, so that's how our day was spent. All is well now and I hope that my next "Day in My Life" is less eventful! :-)



  32. Hi Amy, thanks for taking the time. We had a wild storm here on Monday.

  33. Sounds like a very wonderful day! I'd very much like to take part, starting in October! (I came here from Nan's site - Letters from a Hill Farm.) I think it's a great idea, both as a "record" of sorts, but because it's so interesting to get a glimpse of how others spend their days. :)


  34. Thank you Jenny for starting this, for inviting us to share it, and for sharing your own 14th again this month. A cosy day for you by the sounds of things.

    Having read all the days I am struck by so many early starts and such a lovely focus on the family. It is fascinating to see both the similarities and the differences of our lives around the world.



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