A cordial invitation

4 Sep 2008


What to have for afternoon tea?????


Russian slice


or fresh chocolate cake????

Well a little piece of both obviously washed down with some freshly made orange juice cordial.

When our magnificent old Meyer lemon tree was still with us home made cordial was rarely off the menu.
Since the old tree died about three years ago we have gotten out of the way of regularly making this treat.
A little reminder of its loveliness yesterday and happening upon some quite cheap Australian oranges at the supermarket made it inevitable that a cordial making session would happen very soon.


Today in fact .

And as an extra treat the orange skins are drying on the wood heater to be used for some potpourri and excellent fire starters.

See some more uses for orange peel here

2 Responses to “A cordial invitation”

  1. Your cordial looks lovely and I am sure your house smells nice.

  2. Thanks for the tip on dried orange peel. The cordial looks lovely, love your biscuit tin, the slice looks lovely. By the way I came across your blog via another. Have a great afternoon tea.


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