Another little gem or two

21 Sep 2008

I just found another charming blog by following a link at
The Rose Garden, one of the links in my sidebar.
It is called
Buttonwillow Cottage and it is full of bookish treats.
And also lots of wonderful book reviews and thought at
Letters from a Hill farm.

3 Responses to “Another little gem or two”

  1. Hello Jenny thank you for the link to button willow chronicle,a lovely blog i enjoyed the quotes.

  2. Hi Jenny, my sincere thanks for your recent link to my Flutterby Patch. I have returned the compliment on my most recent post but I fear the traffic from my blog to yours in Tasmania will not match yours to mine in England which has been very busy. I love your dolls but couldn't bear to part them once made. How do you do it? Eli

  3. I especially love the last two links and have bookmarked them both. It is like finding a treasure box to open and send time looking through and enjoying. Thank you!


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