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11 Sep 2008

So the evening has been spent with four noses in four different books and Louis on the computer once again trying to sort out his University course for next year.

Stephen is reading Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck, Kate is reading Wind in the Willows, Andy is reading an airport novel from the 1980s and I was reading At My French Table.
I should have been reading my Elizabeth Goudge book ( The Rosemary Tree) but French Table finally turned at the library for me so it was a pleasant light interlude that mad me rather hungry.

The background to the page turning was some of Stephen's jazz collection, thankfully none of the annoying bee stuck in a bottle variety, something more mellow.

It's been a funny old day.
I went out to the Uni to do a little anatomy tutoring.
I wasn't actually classified as a tutor but an "Academic Other".
I've never done this before but it was fun, if muscles and bones can be fun.
Honestly I haven't looked at a human dissection for thirty years but thankfully most of the workshop was using skeletons, models and books.
It was just a trial session to see if I like it after I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago offering me some casual,and probably infrequent, work ( very casual- probably only a couple of times a semester and maybe some exam marking which would be interesting).
I don't really know any details yet but it seems to be infinitely flexible and it would be up to me how much and when I work.
Not sure how I feel about it all.
At the moment I'm not particularly fussed one way or the other.
I'll wait to see the timetables and so on.

It was really interesting though, watching all the students and how they interacted, 70 or so 18 and 19 year olds; some still trying hard to be supercool like highschool students, others already comfortable in the new learning environment, some terribly worried about making a mistake, some genuinely curious about the subject and others just wanting to get the work done and move on to the next job without really taking the time to make the most of their opportunity.

It's been a funny old day.

5 Responses to “Academic Other”

  1. I work at a campus bookstore for the first two or three weeks each semester.

    The first week is always when the new freshmen arrive. It is always amusing to see the different ways each is reacting to a campus with nearly 40,000 students.

    The one thing I notice is, freshmen get younger every year. :)

  2. Well, I hoped you enjoyed your time as an academic other!

  3. Good luck with your decision making Jenn.

  4. Elizabeth Goudge, now that brings back memories for me, have you read The Little White Horse? I love visiting your blog and reading about your doings.

  5. Elizabeth Goudge is a big favourite of mine - she has a mystical slant on the traditional Church of England theology (her father was Dean at Oxford), the interiors of all the houses in her novels are exquisitely imagined and described (and I want to live in all of them). She is all about relationships, and the webs of family life, and she is one of the few authors I know who can make children who really act and think like enjoy.


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