Absolutely Beautiful Day

9 Sep 2008


What an absolutely beautiful day, full to the brim and bursting with sunshine, family and happy faces.

Up early and sitting in my peaceful cottage spending some time catching up on all my bloggy friends.

Breakfast of super delicious porridge, sultanas and a sprinkle of brown sugar eaten in the patches of sunshine to be found in the front of the house.
Cups of tea enjoyed in the front garden, Louis reading quietly, Kate doing her needle felting and me making dolls heads, Andy just being, Stephen reclining on the couch just inside the window reading his book.

Cats playing hide and seek under our chairs and some winter lazy bees buzzing round trying to wake up for spring.

In the back garden the washing machine is humming away doing its job after yesterday's day off - time to catch up and make the most of the sunshine.
The chickens and Charlie excitedly snipping around the garden finding the choicest pieces of grass and chickweed then skitting off in another direction giddy with their freedom after yesterday's captivity.


Nipped out the back to hang the clothes on the line when the call came from Kate that Gran (Mum) and Dessie (Dad) had arrived.
We sat around in the front garden, swapping news.
Dessie had been to the doctor for a check up and was feeling a little frail though he perked up by the end of their stay and was playing golf with his walking stick.
Stephen and Louis took off for a game of tennis, the first of the season, and after Gran and Dessie had headed home, Kate and I went for a glorious spring walk leaving Andy to mind the homestead.

What a beautiful day for a walk, up the big hill and down again, marvelling at the size of some of the new homes and the beauty of some of the gardens, old and new.
Stopped off to buy milk on the way home then back in time for a late lunch to a house full of boys, Stephen and Louis had returned plus my nephews were visiting.


Lunch in the sunshine in the back
garden followed by various ball games , the young ones only.
I sought the peace of the front room and Stephen got to work on yet another pile of wood. My sister stopped by to pick up her boys and we had a good long chat.
More washing out, more washing in, folded and put away, firewood brought in ready for tonight's fire and dinner begun.


Now I'm just about to get things finished ready for our meal, Andy is lighting the fire, Stephen has just come inside, Louis has gone for a run and Kate is relaxing on the couch.
No gardening was done , well, some weeding but no planting.
The day started quietly and slowly built to the noisy ballgames complete with lots of lovely boy giggling and now is winding down again, ready for baths and reading, maybe some TV, lots of cosiness and then a good night's sleep.

Such a lovely day.

11 Responses to “Absolutely Beautiful Day”

  1. As always jenny you brighten my day with your wonderful photos and fine vision of family life, I enjoy visiting your blog thank you.

  2. Sounds like the type of perfect day that will linger in your memory for along time.

  3. Beautiful photos, that first one of the magnolia blossom with the great depth of field - STUNNING!

    And I also love the quote in the sidebar about women being at home. Thanks so much Jenny!

  4. As we head into the fall here in the mid Atlantic US states....my spirits are lifted by viewing spring again through your eyes. This will certainly help get me through the long cold winters here. :D

  5. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing your wonderfully full day. The photos are beautiful.

    Blessings, Shelley

  6. Hi Jenny :) What a joy to have such a lovely day. Thanks for sharing it with us here! Love, Q

  7. Sounds like a magical day. I'm always amazed at how much you pack into a day...

    cheers Kate

  8. Oh isn't the spring sunshine just the most glorious thing after weeks of cold winter dreariness? Don't get me wrong, I love winter. But the brilliantly warm sunshine just makes the heart sing!

  9. What a lovely post, very relaxing. Gorgous plant photos, and lovely clothesline shot with blossom.

  10. I always love reading about your days. Beautiful.

  11. I love reading you! It truly is such a miracle how our world works. I live in the northern hemisphere (near Seattle, WA, USA), and we are just gearing up, or down as it were, for autumn. How interesting to see how life in your neck o' the woods is just beginning to "spring" into being, while we are observing leaves showing their true colors! Amazing! Big squish to you from all the way up here.


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