fresh sheets Friday

8 Aug 2008


Yummy new ( to me) pillow cases found at the op shop last week.
Only 50cents each!!!!

Washed in sweet soapy water and line dried they have been waiting to be ironed and put on the newly made bed.

Fresh sheets Friday.

Sweet smelling embroidered pillow cases, with the details in just the right place so that sleep isn't disturbed with a bumpy surface, over to the side and oh so pretty white on white.
Soft soft cotton.


9 Responses to “fresh sheets Friday”

  1. Sometimes I feel the whole world gets right whenever I have new sheets on the bed!
    What lovely finds at the op-shop, Jenny!

  2. Hi Jenny :) Oh the JOY of fresh crisp clean sheets! Love & hugs, Q

  3. They're beautiful! Sweet dreams with your head on those. :-)

    Christine from the NL

  4. What a great buy Jenny! One of the great pleasures in life is slipping into a well-made bed, with crisp new sheets.

    I'm glad Kate had such a nice birthday. It seems both she and my eldest are growing up fast, they were quite wee when we first started blogging!

    Nice to see Jewels back too, always such a beautiful blog.

  5. There is nothing better than crawling into a bed that has been made with sheets that have hung on a line all day. To fall asleep with the scent of fresh air and sunshine...divine!

  6. Hi Jen, what a great op shop find,and a wonderful price. Good for you! They are beautiful.


  7. I love fresh sheets on the bed. I once read a book about a family in Sweden that changed their sheets every day. I can't imagine the washing, but ah the luxury of it.

  8. I love clean soft pretty pillow cases. I grab them up when ever I can. I treasure all the work folks have done on the homemade ones . I love to iron them too. It is the most elegant thing to be on clean crisp sheet with ironed pillow slips . In fall and winter I do snuggle down with flannel sheets, it helps when it gets cold and snowey.

  9. simple pleasure brings such joy


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