15 Aug 2008


What a day.
Total computer disaster.

I opened an email and opened Pandora's box.
We have spent the whole day cleaning up the mess.

I think everything is OK now but I have lost all my emails so if you sent me anything over the past week and haven't had a reply and you need a reply you will have to resend your email.

Computers can be such voracious eaters of time. Thankfully I had Andy to help me and we found a few other things that needed fixing or updating so there were some positives to it as well.

I haven't visited anyones blog so I presume that everyone has posted about their 14th August or will soon.

I'll post the boiled fruit cake recipe tomorrow, I've just about had enough of computers for one day.

Tomorrow Louis is competing in a half marathon out in the country though I'm not sure that I will be going with him as Andy is still under the weather and doesn't really want to stay home by himself all day.

The race is at Scottsdale in the north east of Tasmania and the countryside especially in the winter is very beautiful, lots of almost good enough to eat chocolate soil and patches of rain forest and green green paddocks.

Oh and I must add a great big thank you for all your wonderful birthday wishes. I did have a great day and it was so nice to know that so many of you were thinking of me and took the time to comment.
I'll send each of you an imaginary piece of birthday cake, goodness knows I can't eat it all myself.

And a big Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday some time around now,it's probably true that the nicest people are born in August, well at least as many nice people as are born in each of the other eleven months of the year.


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  1. Hi Jenny,

    I posted my ADIML post!

    Glad your computer is revived!

  2. I posted as well...such as it is ;-)

  3. Hi Jenny as always love the photos on your website, and thank you for the recipe I am going to have a go at that one. Julie


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