Tasha Tudor Day

26 Aug 2008

Clarice at Storybook Woods and some of her friends are holding a Tasha Tudor Day on 28th August, Tasha's birthday, to celebrate a life well lived.
She is inviting everyone to join in .
Just let Clarice know in her comments that you have posted about your simple celebration of Tasha.
Clarice is encouraging people to celebrate the day by sharing something simple such as a cup of tea taken in the garden or by making something beautiful, by reading one of Tasha's books or just by taking time to smell the roses or appreciate the beauty of your natural surroundings.

Taking a little time to celebrate the life of someone who by living her life her way touched so many of us, helping to awaken an appreciation of the beauty of the everyday, seems like a wonderfully suitable legacy to this memorable woman.

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  1. Oh thank you Jenny for helping to spread the word. Clarice


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