Sweet Wednesday

20 Aug 2008


Well the day is underway now.
Wednesday is often known as the little Sabbath, a day of rest or reflection in the middle of the week and it is, I think , a good day to look back over the week and look to what is coming.
Wednesday always has a nice feel to it.

We had good rain last night.
Andy rushed himself off to bed around 10 last night so that he could go to sleep with the sound of the rain on the roof.
So cosy.
I think Tasmania probably hasn't had enough rain over the winter and we will most likely still be in drought when the weather starts to warm up and move on to summer. Everything is green but that has more to do with the heavy dews and occasional rain rather than a consistent good rain fall.

I was fixing Kate's curtains when I noticed that the first hyacinth has popped up and its flowers were just starting to open in the luxurious morning sunshine.


Just wonderful.
It looks like it is yawning and stretching in the warmth don't you think.


The sun comes into the garden on such an angle at this time of the year and stretches into all the nooks and crannies, waking up this plant and then that.


The chooks are out scratching in the garden, although Biddy the brown hen is sitting quietly on her nest.
The cats have draped themselves over every sunny spot inside and Poppy is asleep in front of the fire.
I have a few housekeeping jobs to do; the breakfast dishes, make the bed, sweep the floor and put the washing on the line then I'll settle into some doll making.


When I came back in from the front garden and the hyacinths earlier I was met this sweet sight.


My birthday cyclamen enjoying a blast of sweet winter sunshine.
I love the way the brightness of the sunshine blacks out everything else until your eyes become accustomed to the inside light.

Hope you all have a wonderful day whether you are just beginning like me or settling in for a quiet evening.
It's so nice to have visitors to my blog each day; some old friends, some brand new buddies.

I hope to have time later today to answer emails and send some thank yous for happy birthday wishes - a happy thing to do on a sweet day .

love Jenny

11 Responses to “Sweet Wednesday”

  1. Hi Jenny
    I love hyacinths! thanks for the peek into your day and I loved the photo of your Mum yesterday. My Mum is visiting me this week from the Apple Isle.
    Take care, Tan

  2. I'm still in Tuesday, and here I sit reading your Blog on Wednesday, I love it.

    Your are thinking of Spring, we are thinking of Fall or Autumn.

    Our gardens are yielding their harvests and fading out.

    Yours is coming to life.

    Enjoy your day

  3. Yes Wednesdays do have a slower air about them. My bulbs are flowering, yes I hope we have some rain regularly, our bush area grew a lot last Summer with the rain, so there would be a lot of fuel for bushfires this year.....
    The Jasmine seems to be coming to an end already....

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I just came across your blog, I love to make dolls too. The little knitted outfits on your dolls are just gorgeous!

  5. Hi Jenny - thanks for sharing the beauty of your gorgeous flowers. Hope you have a lovely day...

  6. Hyacinths and cyclamens are always so beautiful, but always remind me of winter and Christmas, as we use them as indoors plants over here (although many people have hyacinths in their gardens too). It will soon be time to plant hyacinths in bowls for winter colour (a la "provincial lady")...it's lovely how the circle of the year turns.

  7. Oh, Jenny...I can't believe winter is coming to an end for you. It went by so quickly, with your descriptions of gathering warmth by the fire in the chill of the mornings, and snuggling up in warm jumpers and rugs during the wet days....oh, I am so homesick....but thank you for sharing your wintry, snuggly days with us!

  8. oh isn't this warm weather lovely though i hate to say this to you but i wish it would stop raining here. our drive is a mudslide and i have succumbed to getting a drier this year.

    i am sitting here with a coffee and eating a piece of delicious boiled sultana cake - thank you for that recipe. i added raisins and crystallised ginger as they were singing out to hop into the mixture too!

    i'll send some of our rain your way!


  9. Hi Jenny,
    Spring is on its way. The Hyacinths look lovely and yes they do look like they are stretching in the sun. I love Wednesday too, I call it the hump in the week. If I'm going to have a day off work I love to have Wednesday as it makes the rest of the week go by a little quicker.

    Have a great day..

    Tracie xx

  10. I found your blog sometime ago and have enjoyed it
    very much. I find it interesting to visit with those of'
    you getting ready for spring and here I am looking
    forward to fall..cooler days. Don;t care for the real
    cold, but having four seasons where I live is my
    favorite. To make it easier, I keep a clock and
    temp showing your part of the country. Your dolls
    are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much. it
    makes my days more interesting.
    Ms. Dale

  11. Jenny, I turned to your blog today because I knew your posts would turn a sour morning sweet; and they did.

    Thankyou again. Lisa x
    p.s. your hyacinths are about two weeks ahead of mine. I can already imagine the scent


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