Surprised by :

21 Aug 2008


Surprised by how quickly a cat can fall asleep in a basket full of cut out fabric and pins and pattern tissue when I only left the room for about three minutes.


Surprised by the postman's excellent timing delivering my favourite magazine just in time for my morning cuppa.


Surprised by the great find of a super cute tea cosie at the op shop for almost no money at all.
Pattern found here.


Surprised by the magic and beauty of this dear little book by the marvellous Cat Bordhi , I've known of her for years but never read any of her books.
A great library find.


Surprised that this book from the library full of delicious baked treats was written by a Kiwi, I've never read a New Zealand cook book before.


Surprised by the last of the sunshine in the loungeroom as I shared a cup of tea with Kate and Andy at the end of a busy day.

10 Responses to “Surprised by :”

  1. Jenny, that tea cosie is simply adorable. What a great find.

  2. I love the tea cosie! I was really hoping you had made it so maybe you could share the pattern. Oh well! :)

  3. What a cute teacosy! Any clue how it is made?
    Ruth, PA

  4. Hi Jen, such lovely pictures. I love the sweet tea cosie. I have never found one at our thrift shops here,but I am still looking.
    Thanks for sharing....


  5. I;ve never heard of Dean, just checked he has books (not the one you shared) at our library - so will get some out.

    Love Leanne

  6. Oh that tea cozie is SO adorable. I really need to get a tea pot so I can stop making my tea in the microwave.

  7. Oh sorry! I missed the link to the pattern!

  8. Hi, Your photo of your cat would make a good cross stitch pattern. And like everyone else I have to say the tea cosie is great.

  9. Ack, blogger just ate my comment!

    I was saying ( apart from the fact that Amity's comment had me reeling in horror), that my boss commented the other day that she thought collecting tea cosies would be the next big thing. We were op shopping together at the time (I have the best boss).

    You rarely find tea cosies at op shops though. Yours is very spesh!

  10. Other Kiwi cookbook writers ytou might like are Alison Holst (If I could only own 2 cookbooks they'd be her Meals without meat and Very Easy Vegetarian Cookbook.

    You might also like Sophie Gray's destitute gourmet series of books...


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