23 Aug 2008


Started and finished the day with some seriously good bread.
Breakfast was the last piece of last night's pizza dough gently fried in butter and enjoyed with my birthday mandarin marmalade. I know, fried pizza dough???? What was I thinking , but it went all puffy and light and tasted so good.


Today was the big anti pulp mill rally.
Absolutely gorgeous weather, so good to be outdoors and so good to see so many, many people doing their best to keep our valley clean and fresh.


Uncle Pete ( Peter Cundall) gave a rousing call to never, never , never give up.
Bloomin' marvellous.


After the rally we ate a gelato in the sunshine beside the river.


The river is tidal and it was low tide so it looks a bit gakky but it was so peaceful and there were plenty of water birds looking for low tide goodies.



The girls and I walked around beside the river to Royal Park...


to meet up with Stephen and Louis.


The girls picked daisies to make daisy chains...


While Stephen and I watched Louis run in a 5km race.
He came 11th, not bad after the half marathon last week.
He has very tired legs.


So the day finished with some baking, bazillion rock cakes, delicious.


And the very best baguettes I have ever made.
Seriously delicious.

8 Responses to “Sunny”

  1. Looks like a great day. I'm not a bread baker, but as the season begins to change I am looking towards a change as well!

  2. What a fabulous day - from start to finish!

    All the food looks glorious...

  3. I am glad you had a lovely day, Jenny. Fried pizza dough sounds fine to me! Your town reminds me a little of the town I grew up in (Northam, WA), only -- greener....

    I'm happy your townspeople are proud of where they live and are working hard to keep it a place to be proud of.

  4. What a beautiful day outside! I just love Peter Cundall. I'm so very sad that he won't be on the gardening show on the ABC anymore!

    I think I vaguely remember some sunshine here yesterday, as I slept away a cold/flu bug.

  5. Hi Jenny :) So glad it was a lovely day! By the way, you've got me starving for bread and cookies over here (and it's the middle of the night - lol). Love and hugs, Q

  6. Mmmm... your baking looks as if I can almost smell it, really! :)

  7. Good evening Jenny
    Hopefuly each voice of concern against the pulp mill will be heard and acted upon.
    Peter Cundall's last show on tv was a teary one for me. He shows such passion for gardening & the enviroment.
    Sounds like you had a relaxing & enjoyable day on Saturday.

  8. What a wonderful day. The baguettes look incredible!


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