Simple Spring

18 Aug 2008


Spring is not so far away now. I can't quite smell it yet but the birds in the early morning and at twilight are twittering so happily they seem certain that spring is almost in the air.

I love listening to them twittering and talking to one another when I go down at dusk to shut the hens in. The hens make some contented cluck clucks and Charlie reorganises herself in her funny little nest in the corner of the henhouse.

Now that the birthdays are over and Christmas is still some way off it's time to think about making some new clothes, a dress or two, some skirts and tops to rejuvenate my wardrobe. Simple cotton dresses and skirts are easy to make , easy to wear and easy to care for.
If you are lucky you can find some simple cotton fabric for just a few dollars or you may find some fabulous linen or some more of that linen cotton mix that was around last summer and just got better and better with washing and wearing.
I need a couple of new aprons too as some of my old friends are nearing retirement age.


I bought this dress pattern a month or so ago and now I've found some suitable fabric, I'm making the long sleeve version and I won't be wearing it with high heels.
I'm imagining it will be a nice around-the-house-dress

I found a pretty blouse pattern at the Simplicity website.
I'll have to see if I can get it locally though finding what you want tends to be rather hit and miss at the local pattern shop.

I like this blouse because it has the peasant/boho look without being too full.
I like the darts that shape it into the waist, to give a slightly tailored but soft look.
The sleeves might be a bit full , I'll have to see how they look on me.

I'm busy working on some sample dolls for a local shop who are interested in my dolls, I don't sell my dolls anywhere in Tasmania so it would be kind of nice to see them in a Launceston shop.

Happy days.


6 Responses to “Simple Spring”

  1. Happy spring and happy sewing! Did I mention *we have our own fruit garden now*? *Dancing with joy*

  2. It has definitely had the spring feel the last few days here too Jenny. I'm not quite ready yet though, so i hope it's just a teaser.
    I don't wear many dresses of skirts but that pattern looks lovely, the top is just the kind of thing that I like to wear. Really wish I had paid more attention when my mum was alive and tried to teach me to sew, I just wish that I enjoyed it.
    What a feeling of pride you would have when you could walk past or into a shop selling your lovely dolls. Good luck with them.

    cheers Kate

  3. Hi Jenny that would be so lovely to have your dolls on display in a shop, I hope that goes well they would be sold in no time. Julie

  4. Morning Jenny, love that pattern - would it be possible to have the pattern number? Sue.

  5. Good luck with selling your dolls. I'm looking at a wardrobe upgrade myself, but am thinking about making a long, cozy fleece skirt :)

  6. I am pretty new to your blog, and this is the first chance I've had to visit it this week, but I just had to leave a comment when I saw the patterns you are using. I purchased both of those patterns not too long ago (with good intentions, of course) but have not made either one. I was amused, though, that I bought the blouse pattern for the same reason (the fitting/darts) and had the exact same concerns (the puffy sleeves). So, I certainly hope you will post a picture of both items when you get them made, so we can see how they turn out. Hopefully, I'll be inspired to get to the sewing room and get mine made.

    I look forward to spending more time reading your lovely blog.

    Julie in Oklahoma City

    P.S. I'm embarrased to admit I had to do a search to find out where Tasmania is. So I got a little geography lesson from you too!


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