12 Aug 2008


A relaxing busy day of baking and doll making interspersed with the Olympics .

I made boiled fruit cake, one of those old stand bys that are so so popular with menfolk, a bit like rock cakes.

My family actually prefer boiled fruit cake to the more traditional and it's so much easier to make. Basically a melt , boil and mix affair. An hour or so in the oven and you're done.
It is actually delicious warm , with cream, you can pretend it's a steamed pudding and then the rest becomes cake for tomorrow's school lunches and morning tea when mum and dad come to visit.

Morning tea this morning was some of the afire mentioned fruit cake and Sao biscuits with butter and jam.
Love a Sao and jam, although Saos with cheese and tomato is better but it's the wrong time of the year for that treat.
Andy is still at home so the majority of the plateful was eaten by him.

I also made my Special brownies.
So decadent, so delicious.
All the baking today was done using Charlie's divine duck eggs.

I finally planted Kate's birthday rose, a gift from her grandparents. We put it under her bedroom window. She wants to fill the whole garden with roses.
Kate has the tiniest ,beyond your imagination tiny, bedroom but she does have a sunny garden bed that you can only see from her room.
I guess it's only fair it should be filled with flowers that she loves.

Between visits to the woodpile to get supplies to feed the fire and visits to the kitchen to get glasses of water to sooth Andy's thirst and dashing out to the clothesline to rescue the washing from occasional squally rain I spent most of the afternoon making dolls and doing hand sewing.

A reminder that it's almost that time of the month again, A Day in My Life for the 14th August.

If you want to join in just leave a comment on this post .
You are most welcome .

You can journal your day any way that suits you.
Your day doesn't have to be busy or exciting, but it can be of course.
It has been so interesting just to see how our days unfold and to see the similarities of women's lives all over the world.

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  1. Incidentally, Jenny, today I made a post about my day... which I rarely do! :-)

    You can read it here:

  2. I'm in again for a day in my life!
    Loved the pictures from your garden, I'm so amazed to read about Australian winters. It all looks so green and a lot of flowers. Over here we have nothing during winter except a few trees that stay green year round.
    Those snacks looks good, by the way! Looks like Andy's getting better when he ate it all. :-)

    Christine from the NL

  3. Good evening Jenny
    My Mum makes a boiled fruit cake, so moist & yummy. Over the years her boiled fruit cake was always requested when a family get- together was on.

  4. Hi Jenny,

    I am in for the 14th again.
    Could you please share your fruitcake recipe, it looks delicious. Thanks.


  5. I think that Kate does deserve her own private rose garden. What a lovely thought. Does her room's decor reflect her love of roses?

    Our 2nd son and his wife and family live in Northern California. The climate in their town must be perfect for growing roses as every house seems to have a least a few and my daughter-in-law has a special rose garden where she has planted a different type of rose bush for each of their 9 children. Some of the roses in their town grow as large as saucers. The only other place I've seen so many roses is on the Island of Nantucket where the roses grow up the sides of the little grey shingled cottages and even spread out over the roofs. I wonder if it's due to all that fog ?


    Mary L.

  6. Hello Jenny,
    Please include me in your list for this month. Thursday 14th is exam results day for my eldest so fingers crossed that it will be a happy day!

  7. When you have some time, can you please post a recipe for the boiled fruit cake. Thanks and have a good week.

  8. I am definitely posting on the 14th (your 15th) this month, I missed last month as we were on our epic road trip. I thought I could get it done but wasn't able to, so I'm looking forward to this month's, both posting and reading!

  9. I'm definitely in! The post may be late as I'm not sure what reception we'll have where we are (not at home for once) but it'll definitely turn up eventually.


  10. Hi
    I will play tomorrow a day in your life - tomorrow is a very not normal day for me.

    Love your fruit cake recipe. I have one I use & love - also soak a herbal fruit tea with the water i mine to give it a little extra zing.

    Love Leanne NZ

  11. Of course, I'm in again. It will be different from other fridays beause we have summer holidays at last.

    Greetings Vera

  12. Hello Jenny,
    I'll record my day again.
    You have a very Happy Thursday!

  13. Please count me in on the 14th again. I don't know if anybody else enjoys reading about my day, but I certainly enjoy writing about it!!! :-)


  14. I haven't quite decided, but I will start and see how I go.

  15. i would like to participate too please!!

  16. Hi Jenny, I will participate again. I've noticed he 14th seems to come around very quickly.

  17. Andy is still at home so the majority of the plateful was eaten by him.

    This sentence made me smile, it's like that here too, I think I've got heaps of food for afternoon tea and tomorrows lunches and then the boys come home!! Oh well gives me something to do each day.

    cheers Kate

  18. I´m so busy, but count me in!

  19. Looking forward to reading "Day in the life" - Oh & happy birthday! - (I seem to recall we have the same birthday)

  20. Have been reminding myself not to forget the 14th, I like the fact that there will be at least a week's record by the time at least 7 have been done. I consider my blog my virtual diary/journal, so this is very helpful.

  21. Hi Jenny,
    I am in again. Its been very interesting to read all these blogs!

  22. Oh Jenny that cake looks so scrummy, you wouldn't be willing to share the receipe would you? I absolutely love fruit cake and am always looking for new receipes for cake.

    Thanks hon..


  23. Oh, I just realized that I should have left my message here and not as I did after your March post. So I say it again, I'd like to join.

  24. I found the Sao biscuits very interesting. They sound much better than our Soda Crackers. More like a fluffy water biscuit maybe. And the fruit cake looks good too. I love to learn about new things and boiled fruit cake is new to me. I have always made and loved the traditional sort.

  25. What lovely pictures and wonderful thoughts you always have to share. You dolls are also just darling. Thanks so much for being willing to share your life with others.
    Be Blessed


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