pink and green

11 Aug 2008


Heavenly flowering quince,
with its sparse flowers brightening a corner of winter.


Exotic alstromeria, or parrot lily
growing prolifically ready to flower in red and green at Christmas time.
The water droplets are what is left in the late afternoon of last night's heavy frost.


Monday tends to be a home focussed day around here.
Plenty of washing, as much as I can get done, with the dregs finished off tomorrow.

A thorough tidy of the lounge room and playroom after the laid back home care of the weekend.
A glance through the fridge and pantry to see if any supplies have been decimated by hungry offspring. A list made for a trip to the shops later in the day to get milk, butter - where did it all go, and cheese.
It might be easier to buy a cow.

Incredible sunshiny day, snow on the mountains, fresh clean air.
Hanging the first load of washing on the line, early in the day, fingers turning hot pink with the cold. Back to the warm welcoming washing up.
Sloshing around making the dishes bright and my hands warm and relaxed.

A little sunshine-on-the-couch-knitting around morning tea time, Andy still at home to keep me company and keep my tea making skills in tune.
He's a lot better, non stop talking.
Kate happily home after school, trots off down the yard with some treats for Charlie duck and the chooks.

Finest drizzle, late in the afternoon, surprised me with a strange yellowy sky and a sweet happy rainbow.




daisies by the clothes line facing the sun


Borage springing up amongst the chickweed down beside the chookyard.

7 Responses to “pink and green”

  1. Hi Jen, my Monday is just getting started this morning with lots of tidying up to do here as well. Having a cow would be a blessing with a 16 yr old son who drinks milk like water. The price of milk has gone sky high here. Seems like every time I go to the grocery store something has gone up in price. It's a sign of the time,I'm sure.....

    Have a wonderful week.


  2. These pics are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!


  3. My Quince is just starting to bud. I can't wait till it flowers.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    If I could encourage you, your winter seems to be flying by for me. I hope mine flies by when it comes upon us very soon here in the Mid Atlantic US. This is my first winter hanging laundry and I'm not sure how it's going to go....I'm praying for a woodstove! Be Warm!

  5. i can't believe how much "quince" i've been exposed to lately. i live in the u.s. and have never heard of it until this summer during my montessori teacher training, when we learned the following verse of song:

    mama mama i want a mango
    papa papa please papaya
    no no nana a ripe banana
    kiwi kiwi kiwi kiwi quince!

    thank you for posting the picture. if only i knew more about the fruit .... hm i may have to wikipedia that ...

  6. Alstomerias: Do they just spread along the ground? I thought they were a weed. I have found a large patch and was about to pull them out.... are they actually a nice plant?


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