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13 Aug 2008

Muster Rowan Jacke by schoenefarben IMG00755 by schoenefarben Helen am Spinnrad by schoenefarben Fliegenpilz by schoenefarben Esquimós super quentinhas... by matilde beldroega ... by matilde beldroega Preparar o Natal by matilde beldroega Menina laranjinha by matilde beldroega fantoches de dedo by matilde beldroega needle felted ball by circus tent curtains by Glafira by maija007 Ruby by mollychicken New doll with nose (first try) by alja8 Waldorf Doll by Sweet Alyssum Dolls georgia_cardi by techgran Matrjoschka-Angels by *ShabbyRosesCottage* my pincushions by *ShabbyRosesCottage* Yummy Yarn by Knitting Kitchen Dulces matrioshkas by Campanita de hojalata For all you Babushka lovers by - Anne M. I'M | shy by [Kantor] Linn whole by Ravenhill Designs soft matryoshkas by .andrea lpck. Shelf o joy by Happy Zombie Silly lil' Doe love by Happy Zombie Red & Aqua Swap little quilt by Happy Zombie Kookoo for red and aqua puffs - Goin' crazy with the spray paint by Happy Zombie Matryoshka by Happy Zombie top of fridge by craftapalooza redheads by Ella Pedersen tiny treasures by sapaho Welcome Iris! by moline Babushka by *hoppetosse* red and pink matryoshkas in slumber by Ravenhill Designs Babushka Soft Doll by j.m.aranez Dolly Darlings Paper Dolls by Malphi Dolly Darlings Paper Dolls by Malphi Malphi Rustic Chic Molly Amelia Apron by Malphi ready to sell! by whatkatiedid.nextWILLA & PIP by turkeyfeathers Be Mine by thelittlenest bench in the winter sun by scales by dresses by cathygaubert Renee's Doll by moonchild studio butterflyfront by PrincessNimbleThimble Little Elf Moondrops on Hyenacart by moonchild studiomat by

Just click on any of the pictures to find out the details of these pictures.
Flickr is a great place to spend some time, lots of inspiration.

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to chronicle their on the 14th.
I now remember why I decided that the 14th of each month would be hard for me to forget, the 14th is my birthday.

It's not too late to join in with "A Day in My Life", just leave a comment on this post and I'll add you to the list.

14 Responses to “my Flickr favourites”

  1. Jenny, I sent you an email with my correct ADIML link. Sorry for forgetting again! I'll be posting it tomorrow.

  2. Good evening Jenny
    Best wishes for your birthday on the 14th. From the moment you wake in the morning may you be blessed with a beautiful day...hope you are able to spend the day just as you wish.

  3. That's a beautiful collection of photos. Lots of pretty colors.
    I'll be participating in ADIML tomorrow.


  4. Hi Jenny :) Count me in! My Little Miss I was born on June 14, so the 14th is special to us, too. Love & hugs, Q

  5. Hi Jenny, Can you put me down for posting please? Wow can't believe I am actually early for this one for a

    Happy Birthday for the 14th, may you be spoilt by those you love.


  6. Happy Birthday Jenny, hope you have a lovely day filled with all things that bring you happiness and pleasure.

    cheers Kate

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you - hope you have a wonderful day as you so deserve Jenny.

  8. Dear Jenny

    Happy Birthday for today, I hope your day is wonderful- just like your blog!

  9. Interesting recording the day, I think I actually fit quite a lot in.

  10. Happy Birthday Jenny!!!!!!!!!
    I would love to join in a day in my life, I'm ready to post.


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