Little things

22 Aug 2008

Friday night, it's been a busy week.
The littlest and her tiny little friend are tucked up in their beds and hopefully fast asleep.

I've been thinking about the ordinary things in my life that bring me joy just by being there. Things like:

Our sweet chickens, the chooks.
Bruce the rooster, Biddy the brown hen, Henny and Penny the twin black hens and Rebel who is always taking off on her own.
Add a Charlie duck to the mix and they are a funny little bunch who quietly and loudly go about their business and produce the most magnificent eggs, no trouble at all.

Who would have thought that such a utilitarian item could now be seen as something of a fashion statement.
Let's face it I am a messy cook and a messy cleaner.
If I didn't wear an apron I would be changing my clothes several times a day.
I always wear a full apron , never a Fifties style half apron.
I don't wear it for nostalgic reasons or to look the part.
I have been wearing an apron to do my house work ever since I have been in charge of my own home.
To be able to take a meter or two of pretty fabric and fashion something that doesn't have to fit a colour scheme or fashion but can be as outrageous or demure as you fancy is a wonderful gift, a simple pleasure.
Useful and indulgent - perfect.

What would my life be without knitting.
I honestly can't imagine it, I've never experienced it.
Gosh I've been knitting since my age was measured in single figures.
When I first left home and was subsumed by homesickness the antidote was to start a new knitting project.
It makes me feel good and always has.

My cats, so sweet.
I have always had a cat in my house but who would have thought I would ever have a house full of cats.
Old Tom, 15 years old disappeared a month ago and hasn't been seen since so now we only have four cats.
Delightfully playful, devilishly naughty, delicious to cuddle.

Cats, chooks, knitting, aprons; they are not the big things in life or the most important but they add to the sweetness and richness of my life.
How about you?

8 Responses to “Little things”

  1. Knitting and Aprons definitely, yes! Chickens are back again in a month. We lost ours to a predator in June, but have 4 pullets coming, which I'm looking forward to. Cats, not sooo much, but substitute dogs, and I'm in agreement :) I'll add canning food, soap making, beginning to quilt again, scrapbooking and books!

    Lovely post Jenny, thanks :)

  2. What a lovely post! I feel the same about knitting and aprons. I also look forward to 5:30 in the evening, when I start dinner. My children are off playing, and I find it such a peaceful, meditative time.

    The other ordinary thing? Ironing! My favorite part of starting a new sewing project is all the ironing involved!

    I've just started reading your blog and am enjoying so much!


  3. Well Jenny, we must be kindred spirits because all the things you listed are things I love too:-) Add in a corgi and St. Bernard and few nubians and my list is complete:-)

  4. Thought of you when I saw this:

    I think the little things for me are my boys' smiles & giggles (including their daddy's), roses, soft music, the sound of rain, kneading our daily bread, wearing my aprons, the smell of the earth in my garden, the softness of my baby's skin. All these speak of joy and contentedness to me.

  5. I totally agree about thie use of an apron. I use one all the time and even take one camping with me, an absolute necessity.

    Always enjoy your postings.

  6. Hi Jen,a lovely post,and the graphics are very sweet...


  7. I love all those things except aprons. I do have a couple but always feel strange wearing them so I don't. Maybe I need to find myself something funky that is more me.
    This is a lovely post as usual.
    cheers Kate

  8. Those are delightful. For me, (besides obvious husband and children), my cat as well, the view out the back, kookaburras, seeing another bush turkey this morning, chatting with neighbours and locals at school, our local bus, puddings and warm, hearty fare, the smell of baking and E's smile as a result (husband), kisses for/from my children, 2 year old's new language, sunshine on the deck, the smell of coffee brewing.... many, many things. I hope to really master knitting next Winter.


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